Sunday, April 19, 2020

Webinar : Investing in the Post-COVID-19 Era

On Wednesday 22nd April at around 7.30pm, I will be conducting my next webinar entitled "Investing in the post-COVID-19 Era", it will highlight my opinion on how a future strategy would look like (with a slight emphasis on REITs).

This talk will last about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

This is a significant business risk for me as this webinar will be a one-shot, dedicated to alumni and members of the ERM Facebook group, and designed as an extension of my usual lessons on Early Retirement. As the talk will not be repeated, the only way to access this talk is to attend future classes as I incorporate a better version of the slides into my regular ERM course.

When I discovered that Webinars can easily scale during the COVID-19 crisis, I decided to no longer keep postponing a graduates gathering and, instead, conduct an experimental session for everyone while the costs of a webinar is incrementally very low. The consequence is a shorter presentation done in a language that may not be fully understood by an audience that has not attended my lessons.

I read recently that to really do well in life, you may have to stop following the money and start following where the value is, my programme is also shifting its stance and we are now trying to reinforce the community as our most powerful and valuable resource in a student's journey towards financial independence. My tribe is now over 400 is size, the discussions are more focused and we've successfully built a forum where we currently are free from over-enthusiastic FAs fishing for more sales commissions.

A paid audience naturally gravitates towards better behaviour.

Once we admit a member, we also take a lot of pride in not asking for more membership fees and as of now, I have yet to create an advanced class to upsell to them. I believe that my students can provide more value beyond money. Many are investors who bring an independent view of their investment portfolios.

For this Wednesday, I managed to convince two students to give a 15-min talk about a topic that is related to financial independence.

  • One will speak from a layman perspective about his own adventures in investing to demonstrate how real investing look like. 
  • Another will be a controversial talk where the speaker has agreed to speak about marriage and singlehood in relation to his financial goals. Blog readers might want to look out for this particular segment of the program.
This webinar is free. My students speak to the public for free. I hope in time, I can provide a platform for more of my students to speak in the future. We eventually want to become a self-help organization where members look out for each other and share some insights within the community.

As this was meant to share with the public how I see my community evolving, I will limit my slides to promote my program into an even smaller section in my talk. There will be sales being carried out but this will be toned down even further. So much so that interested parties may have to attend my regular preview on 1st May 2020 to get more information.

We already have 180+ sign-ups last time I checked

You can sign up here:

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