Friday, April 17, 2020

CB Prosperity Diaries #3

KLASK 4 | Quality fun toys and educational games

So I am now back in Woodlands again to help my mum with some evening errands.

Yesterday I felt possibly depressed and unhappy the first time since the CB period started largely because the number of infected grew so fast. I cheered up again when I figured out that this is because our testing regime is possibly more aggressive than other countries. I am worried that our healthcare resources will reach a breaking point and we won't know how the government will prioritise our needs against that of foreign workers when things hit a critical point.

Here is my latest update :

a) Spent a third of my $600 pay-out.

Warhammer 40k Citadel Essentials Paint Set Factory for sale online ...
I did not want to wait to spend some of my government hand-outs. I have chosen not to do charity because, in a market crash, the person that needs charity the most are leveraged investors like us and I'm not keen to experience a W-shaped recovery that non-investors like to harp about without any real skin in the game. 

(I also think that folks who do charity with $$$ but not effort, then harp about it on a blog can be a little smug. Giving money is almost effortless)

Instead, I did stuff that mattered to me and affected my life as a gamer - I selectively bought from local game-shops that are closed during this period. The first I did was buy some paint from Gamersaurus Rex, then I found a game called Klask (above) that all four of my family can play together and bought it from an online game shop called Toy Tag.

As an adult tabletop gamer with earnings, I've always felt bad that we gamers let Comic Mart down. Even worse for me, it was rumoured that they were destroyed because of margin trades in the stock market! The old-timers can confirm that here.

b) Readings

Edge eBook by Laura Huang - 9780525540823 | Rakuten Kobo

I am pleasantly surprised that an organization behaviour professor can write such a practical book. If you look at Laura Huang's resume, you will find a tenuous link with Singapore. It's bitter-sweet to read this book though because it is also about the discrimination a really smart Asian lady has to go through to be taken seriously in the US. I would read it for the fantastic stories and illustrations.

The broad lessons are not particularly counter-intuitive on the surface - work hard, add value, delight others, but make sure that you can control the narrative people have about you. The intricacies of doing this in a hostile environment are.

I have decided to continue with Book 2 of the Black Company as well as The Malazan. My FB has many rabid fans of the Malazan Series who made an appeal for the series even though I disliked the lack of character development and ridiculous complexity of the world-building in the first book. But I realised that epic fantasy needs time to get into, and you need about 3 books into a series to start getting a hang of it. 

c) Physical Exercise

The latest rulings on face masks during exercise is making it hard for me to continue with my regime. I can take off my mask when I am running but often can't sustain it so I have to wear my mask back when I slow down to take a walk.

I still get breathing difficulties when I walk in a mask after a brief run. So I am doing my exercise in the house.

There is no way I am risking a $300 fine when I can "contribute" to the local gaming industry.

For now, I will skip talking about the training business this round because I will do a full article on my next webinar on Sunday.


  1. Yeah Chris. So difficult to breathe after jogging if we have to put on a mask while still breathing heavily. Am 10Y older than you some more. Real stupid as usual.

  2. I will try to do shorter distance jobs with mask and see how I fare.