Wednesday, April 08, 2020

CB Times... CB Life...

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Ok, I have survived one day of the Circuit Breaker.

It seems that my entire life routine has been upended. Now I sleep early at around 10.30pm and wake up at 5am to make breakfast, read the news and then exercise.

Here is what I intend to do to survive over the next 4 weeks :

a) Still fighting to see whether I can work during this period.

I am moving on from course webinars to preview webinars where I will be attempting to sell courses online. This is new to me and I am not even sure whether I will succeed. In this case, I will let nature take its course - folks who listen in should learn something and be entertained. If I do sell tickets, I will have plenty of work this month. If I don't then I get a month to enjoy all the things I was unable to do when I was working on my business. You can register for my talk tonight at 7.30pm by following this link:

b) Probably will pop in to defer my mortgage loans

I've already set aside a year of mortgage payments but there is no disadvantage to a six-month deferment, I can put my funds in Astrea IV, collect two coupons then sell when times get better to pre-pay my loan.

I will be heading to my bank this week and see whether I will succeed in my application. 

c) Daily exercise routine

Without a physical trainer, I feel much weaker already, so I try to make it up by running and exercising every day. I don't have a personal gym but the public exercise machines seem to still be available.

I have too many friends who go to gyms, lose weight, then gain it all back in months after stopping. I will try to maintain a regime so that I can get back to physical training with a trainer after the CB ends.

c) Try to be at two locations in a week - if it remains legal to do so. 

My work infrastructure will be at my regular home and this will be where I will do the bulk of my work and run errands for my wife but I will also be spending my time at Woodlands with my mum who lives alone. I will be moving my miniatures and paints over to Woodlands to start painting my minis.

Prior to the lockdown, I was worried that I will have nothing to do so I did the unusual act of buying paints to paint all my unpainted fantasy miniatures. It will not make me an artist but I think it beats watching Korean dramas the whole day.

d) Watching Netflix

I am trying to avoid binge-watching Netflix as it is just too easy to do this and it does not add much value to my life. So far, I've limited myself to just movies like Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and completing Season 1 of Star Trek: Picard.

Picard's pacing was sooooo slow, I think I understand why Star Wars fan hates Trekkies. I cannot imagine hanging out with folks from the Dr Who sub-culture. Must be even worse than Trekkies. Sci-fi fans should do themselves a favour and watch The Expanse which is a whole lot better.

e) Reading Non-fiction

Without an Economist subscription, I am reading a lot more non-fiction but I am really forcing myself to go slow here, currently going through a book on Trading chapter by chapter. After which I will return to doing some Python coding focused on simple website building with Flask.

I hope to do some serious data science finance-related coding before this month ends.

f) Reading Fiction

Since I do have all day, I can also read fantasy fiction. As I am decades behind most fantasy fans, I can read the classics that have a strong influence on my RPGs. I am deciding between to major series : The Book of Malazan is a 14 book epic and The Black Company is not very much smaller in scope.

I am reading Book 1 for both epics to determine which series to complete. If the Book of Malazan is chosen, I probably won't have to worry about being bored this CB season.

g) Play PC games and TRPGs online

I try to avoid playing computer games but restarted Divinity: Original Sin just in case I get too bored. As a bonus action, I will try to see whether I and my usual group can play D&D online. It should not be significantly different from conducting a webinar. I will be reviewing paid software tools to make this feasible over the week. If I succeed, I should highlight my gameplay here.

I prefer to play rather than DM though.

Ok, so I think that's my plan to survive this period.

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  1. I think i just met myself, sans the investments, the Python and taking care of mum :D