Friday, April 10, 2020

CB Prosperity Diaries #1

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So right now I spent 50-50 shuttling between Woodlands and Bt Panjang, my plan is to write a short series on how I am keeping up during CB season.

a) Webinar glitches and other shenanigans.

My first preview webinar was a disaster!

It was mitigated but it could have turned out better. Webinar Jam was probably facing heavy traffic and it could not allocate a server VM on time for my room so I was stuck outside while frustrated webinar attendees waited for me to arrive. At this point of time, there is nothing we can do as organizers except switch providers.

The situation was saved by the audience and we migrated to Google hangouts. I the end we still managed to perform to a 130+ crowd.

A apologize if there is no Q&A from me. With such big crowds, questions were fast and furious and I need to focus on finishing on time. Q&A was conducted by Dr Wealth staff and likely to stay this way until I can figure out how to do this better.

That which does not kill me will make me stronger, so my next talk will be on Sunday afternoon and I will be speaking from a different slide deck so folks who attended on Wednesday can log in again!

I've basically stopped tracking my sales - they will arrive over time, my commitment now is to gain a loyal following.

You can book a slot here:

After Sunday, I will be trying to come up with a shorter 30 min to 1-hour talk to keep things fresh and maintain a regular audience. One item on my plate is the cancelled Seedly talk. I might be the only speaker to have a full deck before the talk got postponed and subsequently cancelled so there's no point wasting a good slide deck.

We will have multiple backup plans for the next talk. I hope to get a loyal following over time for my webinar adventures and I see this as a permanent fixture to my offerings even after lockdown is over.

b) Books I am reading

I am still reading the The Malazan Epic and it is quite a struggle. I find my finance texts easier and more engaging but I am doing it to see whether it pays off later. I have given up on fantasy books before, quitting The Silmarillion after falling asleep too many times.

It's still a toss-up between Malazan and The Black Company for CB season.

c) Shows I am watching

As I am now living with my mum until Saturday, I am watching Channel 8. At 9pm, they show this drama that is really annoying.  Zoe Tay plays a bankrupt MILF who is pretending to be rich and buying bitcoins from her daughter's useless and under-educated boyfriend.

I think Channel 8 has really the rock bottom, they should hire me to consult on a drama on the FIRE movement. I will create a Wu Xia Epic where BBFA's fight over whether Lean FIRE or FAT Fire is better, act like jerks to each other while competing to see who can extract more value from credit card and shopping apps.

You can guess what the villain in my series does for a living.

d) Will start painting my miniatures today

There is this idea initially that I can paint minis in front of my kids but I think my son will find a creative way to ruin my paint job or distract me while I paint. My daughter has already stolen my Bullette (pic above) and gave it a sickeningly blueish color.

My next blog update should be Monday following my talk. After which I might just pivot from these pointless leisurely works to planning unique and one-shot webinars, all designed to lead to an advanced investing course in the future.

Let me know if there is something you want me to speak about. 


  1. Hi Chris,

    I look forward to reading more of your BBFA posts. It is much more interesting and relevant in the context.