Monday, April 13, 2020

CB Prosperity Diaries #2

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I am slowly settling into my Circuit breaker schedule.

These days I sleep pretty early at around 10pm so I get up wake up fairly early as well. My first order of the day is to do some exercises and then make myself breakfast. Thereafter, I read the newspapers and will read some hardcore finance before the market opens. Before mid-morning, most of my work is done and I can spend the rest of the day watching TV with kids, painting miniatures (see above) or reading fiction. At night, I either refine my training materials or prepare for the next webinar.

a) The second webinar was relatively successful so we are going to double-down our webinars

By the second webinar, we ironed out the technical difficulties and we managed to get over 170 people attending the talk. The business outcome was a lot more successful than I anticipated so I have to ramp up our risk-taking for my next event.

My next event's primary objective is no longer about selling tickets (I know how much you guys hates salespeople). It is a community event for my ERM alumni and features an actual lesson for folks who have already attended my class. There will be an extra 15 minute segments presented by alumni for my own program.

In short, I am trying to evolve my previews into a Financial TED talk platform which had always been my personal vision for any successful community.

You can sign up for it here:

The talk will be much shorter and, more importantly, feature totally new material not featured in previous webinars for if you are free, you are welcome to sample the common lingo my community uses when discussing investment opportunities.

Once again, we are at the edge of the training business and have no idea whether this will work in reality. I am betting that one day, the community will become so powerful and valuable relative to the course, folks will see the course as a small step to gain membership in this group.

More details to come this weekend on the topics covered.

b) Attended an uncle's wake 

My uncle passed away a few days ago from non-COVID related reasons and I just came back from a wake. Just a reminder that funeral directors will arrange for temperature screening and social distancing in such events and only 10 pax can participate at the same time. During this COVID season, a lot of elderly will not be present to send off their loved ones so it falls to us Gen-Xers to pay their respects.

In all cases, keep it short and brief. I feel bad that I cannot spend too much time interacting with my cousins.

c) Readings

Trader Construction Kit

I am about to complete this tremendous volume on the basics of trading and I recommend it for all investors regardless of whether you are interested in TA or trading.

The final chapter on navigating the politics of a trading firm itself is worthy of the price of the textbook. Will share more insights on my next post.

d) Netflix Anime binge-watching. 

I am late into the game of watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventures and right in the middle of season 1. This is probably decades late and I really appreciate the campiness of the series.

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