Saturday, August 01, 2020

Still on holiday mood...

1X1) Transformers: War for Cybertron ⇔ 'Season 1-Episode 1' | by ...

I'm not ready to write about anything particularly hardcore yet.

My short self imposed holiday just ended yesterday with possibly the best Transformers series since the 1980s movie that murdered Optimus Prime and the Generation 1 robots. This reboot is hardcore and catered to Transformers fans who are now parents.

The storyline is very dark.

What I really like the world-building in Cybertron is that it now hints that Decepticons were working-class robots revolting against inequality while under the thumb of a brutal police regime.  Also casting Ultra Magnus as some sort of Neville Chamberlain loser makes the story a lot grittier since Megatron has always been a Hitler like-leader with propaganda machine and mad scientist.

 I strongly recommend that those with a Netflix account watch it ASAP.

A Reminder That Nazis Made a Top General Kill Himself |

Otherwise, I am still stuck reading a history text on Erwin Rommel. History is fascinating and I see the first-hand dangers of being led by someone who is ENTJ - which is incidentally my MBTI profile.

As a war leader, Rommel is without peer. As a manager and strategist. his record is a lot spottier - he's just not good at handling logistics. I can recognise his need to lead from the front and always have skin in the game, this is something I channel in my work these days. I am too familiar with his insubordination to his leaders. If the Nazi regime were not looking so hard for a poster boy, he would probably be hanged.

Reading the account of Rommel's Afrika Corps run stung me a little because I felt that I met my own Torbruk when I did government procurement. Sometimes, for paper-work reasons, you just need to run.

The idea of us ENTJ's being defeated by a bunch of eunuch-like, bureaucrat ISTJ generals like the crop of British war leaders is very real and uncomfortable to me and I am determined not to end up like Rommel. Fortunately, wielding the right data science tools can harness the power of the most anal data wonk in the hands of a visionary leader. 

A lot of MBA CEO types are ENTJs like Erwin Rommel, I strongly recommend understanding his rise and fall because it will have parallels with your own career. While a lot of ENTJS command the highest incomes in the industry, I suspect survivorship bias may cover-up the more dramatic and painful falls of our kind - I strongly suspect Ellen Degeneres to be the latest one.

Looks like someone else has offered to write something for the Dr Wealth Blog.

I will do something the following week.


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