Thursday, August 20, 2020

Personal Update

 Ok, it is time for another personal update. 

a) Business

There are quite a few exciting developments on the business front. Business is going to be slow over the next few months, so I've started taking my first steps towards creating a new business as a place-holder for all my activities. As there is likely to be coding and tech component to it, I am thinking about positioning it as a start-up within an incubator. We've come quite far disrupting the training business and it is time to build more powerful and exclusive analytical tools for my students to disrupt the industry even further. 

Within a month or so, this blog will begin to discuss what it is like for a rookie to get into a start-up situation. I think the time to do this is right as the manpower situation may be shifting towards an employer's market in the future and I really help on the design, marketing and aesthetic front from young interns.

A couple of personal projects have the potential for new business offerings. I hope to work with secondary schools over the next few weeks and something will likely bear fruit on the publishing front in October. 

b) Coding

After doing so much to work to analyse Yahoo price data, I finally got the book that shows me how real traders program in Python to do backtesting and I really don't like what I see. A lot of these backtesting frameworks require the coder to get used to a framework that may or may not see proper support in the future. Also using the code of other programmers lead to the frustrating virtual environment issues that take hours to resolve, I use Python 38, library works only with Python 3,5. Finally, some frameworks may not work with other - I spent a day trying to get fastquant to output to streamlit to no avail.

The modern developer faces a lot of dilemmas. Most of the time it's getting disparate code to work and it may have to keep happening when code gets updated. It may be wiser to develop the capabilities in house.

I managed to get MA cross-overs into my personal tool without any special libraries. 

I'm quite determined to be my own CTO if I start a business.

c) Books and Leisure

The Buried Giant - Wikipedia

It's not been good for reading lately. Got a small book on behavioural finance but not useful after one reading. Tried to relax by reading Kazuo Ishiguro's The Buried Giant and it was somnambulistic. I think the literary greats will lose out on the modern crowd who need action and violence in their fantasy stories. An old couple visiting a Saxon village nearby is not a story a young anime or RPG fan can endure. 

Speaking of anime...

Black Clover Chapter 259 Recap, Summary, and Wiki

I am binge-watching Black Clover that is anime's take on a Harry Potter-like fantasy.  Now, this is a satisfying series about magic and class struggle within a magical society. 

Space Marines | Warhammer 40k Wiki | Fandom

Zhēnchá, Armored Reconnaissance Regiment (Submachine Gun)

I came dangerously close to picking a miniature game this week. I've avoided miniature games in the past because I don't want to spend weeks painting my miniatures before I get to play them. Now, for business reasons, the wargames have started to scale down and you can run a game with 20 miniatures for $100. 

Right now, I am reviewing the obvious Warhammer 40,000 against Corvus Belli. Warhammer has a large fan base but Corvus Belli requires a smaller army and has a system with more moving parts.

Frankly, I'd rather not get into the miniatures wargaming madness but RPG sections in game-shops are shrinking and in a few years, I might not have a reason to go there anymore without something else to look forward to.

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