Friday, September 23, 2022

ERM Community Event Q32022 - Running your own Robo-advisor


Pretty sure by now, folks who regularly attend evening investment webinars are sick and tired of discussions on inflation and the latest series of interest rate increases by the Fed. So when I was thinking about the next Early Retirement Masterclass community event, I wanted a seminar that has some link to the current macroeconomic situation, but it's really about something else. 

For quite a while, I did not comment on robo-advisors because I see them as a "lesser evil" compared to getting a commissioned-based financial advisor, but over time, the lack of transparency over how these algorithms work on the back-end eventually began to grate on me. Worst, there are robos that just could not beat a naive strategy of buying, for example, every REITs in equal shares. 

So I thought I would discuss robo-advisors with my community. We will not discuss specific product offerings in the market, but we will look into various approaches to allocating assets among different ETFs. I will round up a discussion with three theoretical frameworks for algorithmic asset allocation, and I will round up with a software demo of a Jupyter Notebook I wrote combining code snippets from different authors around the world that, when combined together, can be used as robo-advisor for ERM alumni and students. 

We will be looking at numbers for traditional asset classes and crypto. 

Date: 27 September 2022 7.30pm

Format: Webinar 

Programme :

·        ERM – Running your own Robo-advisor – 30 min

  • Core portfolios with ETFs.
  • Different algorithmic approaches to asset allocation.

·        ERM/CCI – Demo a Robo-advisor in Python Jupyter – 15 min

  • Demo on a beta tool that will be deployed to all ERM students in the future.
  • Demo will cover main asset classes ETFs and major cryptocurrencies.

·        ERM Portfolio Update

Registration link :

This seminar is open to everyone but is pegged at the standard of someone who has already attended my programme. There will be no recording for the session but a video will be shared on my Youtube channel soon after the event. 

Beta Jupyter notebooks will only be made available within the ERM Community.

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