Saturday, May 28, 2022

Terra USD - LUNA is like your penis, difficult to cut it off.


For those looking for a great article on Terra 2.0 which just dropped, you can refer to Dr Wealth's blog here. 

If you want to read something less wholesome, please continue.

My new LUNA token has finally arrived. At the moment, I have no idea how much they are worth, but some folks are estimating a ballpark value of about $5 each. When exchanges start seeing some transactions, it may sink very quickly because there doesn't seem to be any motivation to hold onto it.

I'm not selling mine. If the new LUNA crashes again, I might buy even more. 

With the new blockchain, the old LUNA classic blockchain is really starting to erode. I have a morbid fascination with the UST and LUNC tokens which really lost a lot of value, but I love playing them like monopoly money, I've got liquidity pools worth a couple of hundred bucks ( but millions of LUNC) spinning off $10 USD a day, but the websites no longer seem interested to interact with my wallet when it's on classic mode, so I can't even claim my tokens. 

It's always sad for a trainer to see a blockchain de a slow death erode this way, because even if the tokens have no value, the idea of using tokens to connect to a website and being able to get into a liquidity pool at a low fee can be a powerful educational tool. With $100, someone can get millions of LUNC and then get into a pool that gives 1000% p.a. 

My personal wish is that somehow the classic blockchain survives and attracts a kooky bunch of computer scientists who then proceeds to crafty really weird projects on it. 

For the new blockchain, I understand its sole purpose is to preserve some kind of developer ecosystem, but experts are saying without a stablecoin and 20% returns, there is little motivation for it to grow. 

So I will make a weird prediction here.

Some kind of stablecoin with high returns will come back to Terra 2. It might be disguised in a another form like a derivative or even a liquidity pool, it may be convoluted to execute, but the truth of the matter is that young men need the fantasy of a high yielding stablecoin to feel in control of their lives. 

Terra USD-LUNA dyad is really like your penis. 

You can't live without your penis. 

If you cut it off in the new blockchain, someone else will find a way for it to grow back. 

Would it be legal? Well, whoever reinvents it will not care. 

If you observe crypto bros when LUNA was in it's peak, it's like a penis member fully erect. Guys become a lot more confident when they date women and engage in a more edgier and risk-taking behavior. The reason is that women really do take economic resourcefulness as a primary consideration when selecting men. I may even venture to guess that UST-LUNA has a direct impact on levels of testosterone of significant male population when it is rising. 

Terra grew because it is an enabler. Why else do Ponzi schemes keep coming back in a different form?

The saddest thing about Terra is that the UST event is a massive castration event for thousands of young single men. It came at a time when other erect asset classes are witnessing their own castration like US Tech Stocks and China Tech stocks. 

These are, indeed, flaccid times.

Hopefully, some of the more clear-headed investors have taken note that those who invest locally in REITs, bluechips and business trusts are still doing ok at times like these. While dividends investors are not flashing their 12-inch erections at others, we've always been modest in most economic climates. 

After all, anything larger than a mouthful is a waste.


  1. If guys keep investing in stablecoins with 20% yields, there's gonna be a lot of sausages cut off.

    I think the next big-swinging-dick boom will be commodities.

    1. You might be right, but even in a commodities boom, some uncles talking about 10% gains every month. Nothing close to crypto bull.