Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Previews cancelled this week due to nasty sore throat

I've been really unlucky. After a 3-hour wait in TTSH awaiting my specialist appointment, I developed a sore throat over the weekend. I've since been conducting ART tests every other day, but I have been negative so far.

While I'm feeling fine, I was unable to go ahead with my previews this week because I've developed a really nasty cough. This is disappointing as I've got a spotless absentee record so far for the past 3+ years and dividends investing has been gaining some interest probably at the expense of growth, tech and crypto investing as of late.

I'll probably get back to shooting videos next week, with at least two coming up. 

For now, I've got a new article out on retail bonds.

I'm going to take a rest and I hope to come up with something on this blog in about two-days time. 

It's probably good for me to lay off my work for a while and just focus on reading investment books for a change. 

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