Sunday, April 03, 2022

Shitting my way though life... A story of my food poisoning.


Last Friday, I ate some watermelon from the fridge and ended up getting diarrhoea and vomiting simultaneously that evening. Making matters worse, I has a class to conduct the next day as it was the first batch of students of the Cryptocurrency for Conservative Investors course which means that failure was not an option.

The last time I suffered such a nasty bout of stomach flu was when I was a trainee at law firm and it was the pivotal event that made me decide to quit legal practice because I felt aggrieved at the way some individuals treated me after missing one day of a critical hearing even though I got back to work before I fully recovered. Of course, as a trainee, SMU's reputation was in my hands, not to mention that if I acted dishonourably it would tar future mid-career types, so I sucked it all in and basically did everything I could until my last day, then I ran and never turned back. 

Today, hundreds of associates leave the legal practice. Many are even getting into the Cryptospace. 

So stomach flu is no joke. It can end careers. But if you think about it, there's a lot more at stake as a trainer due to the amount of money involved and the sheer amount of work my partners have done to make running the programme possible. 

So I practically shat my way through the course, running to the toilet to do a number 2 during the plenty of breaks I built into the schedule. ( Tea breaks in course is 5 mins ! )

I'm just lucky that it was not a face to face session. 

So on Saturday, I completed the first run of the course.

I was so tired and burnt out, I did not know what got into me, I tried reading a book on Quantum Economics and it was so theoretical and mind-boggling, but thanks to legal training, and running the program while on the runs, I forced myself to finish the book and was even more dissatisfied. Sadly, I don't think I can review the book at all on this blog.

Then I was feeling so horrible after reading so much crap, I went to look at my stash of unread books and I saw what I had in my room. 

It's just nothing but a sea of books on Finance and Economics. 

This is a different kind of diarrhoea. I have this shitload of economics books. 

I never majored in Economics but now I am familiar with their ridiculous Physics envy and guilt over the damage capitalism has done to the environment and not to mention the amount of self-loathing over inequality. 

That's all I have for you guys this weekend. 

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  1. Shit, shat, shot. After skimming thru this dribble of BS, I just wasted 30s of my life.