Sunday, May 24, 2020

ERM Community Webinar - 27 May 2020 7.30pm

It is time for the next ERM community webinar, I committed to my ex-students that while a lockdown not lifted, I will do my best to have a community meetup every month. It's also a way to make up to my newer students who keep getting their face-to-face practice sessions delayed as education centres remain shutdown.

Like the last community webinar,  the ERM community meetup will be available to the public and you can sign up here:

This time around, the coordination came a little too late for my students to make a presentation of their own, so I will be making two presentations on coming Wednesday :

a) Introduction to FIRE (30-40min)

This was a talk that was meant for the Seedly 2020 Personal Finance Festival. I am probably the only speaker to have a full set of slides ready when the event was cancelled. I have dusted the material and will be presenting it for about 30 minutes. This is a simple introduction to FIRE for novices and millennials.

I am pretty sure if I have done the presentation at a Seedly event it would be better because they have a solid design team that can work on my slides and I get to refine my materials after multiple rehearsals, so expect the presentation to be a little raw.

My ex-students will probably use this as a quick revision on some FIRE basics.

b) Exploring the Straits Times Index (45min - 1 hour)

The second presentation that currently has about 40 slides would be more interesting as, once again, it builds on the knowledge my students already have. Still, I took the feedback from the last community event and a third of the audience was struggling with the concept of a Z-Score. I may go easier on the audience but the talk would still challenge many intermediate investors.

Nevertheless, the session highlights my aggressive push into building more visualization tools using Python. This time around, I am reaching a tipping point whereby I can start sharing some useful insights for veteran investors to understand some of the statistical properties of the STI better. 

Naturally, the challenge is never to intimidate investors but to see how far I can bring a complicated concept to life for the lay audience. Once I refine the slides, it will go towards new training materials for future batches.

Here is one last slide I will be showing on that day :

While the event is conducted as a preview seminar to sell my course, the sales pitch will be much shorter than normal.

The main focus is to build the knowledge of my community but give a potential customer a glimpse of the standards that can be attained after my course.

Every community webinar is unique that will never repeat itself again, do show up if you are looking for a novel finance talk that features pretty unique material. 

( Materials like spreadsheets and Jupyter Notebooks will be shared within the community of ex-students. This is one of the big value propositions of my program. )

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