Saturday, May 16, 2020

CB Prosperity Diaries #11 - What was I doing while you were breeding

What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding: A Memoir: Newman ...

Here's something that our MOE-trained English Literature trained teachers do not teach you in school.

When reading a book by a male author, read his biography. If he is an academic who has spent too long in the social sciences or the humanities, the book will have a heavy left-leaning bias and inevitably, it will slant towards some utopian ideal with social welfare or universal basic income. If the author is a businessman, studied finance, or engineering, then the reverse occurs, the bias will be towards personal responsibility; sometimes callous to the point implying that some people are not successful because they are not trying hard enough.

For a female author, google her pictures on the web. Women who look very pretty will have life experiences that may be skewed. Beautiful women have it much easier in life because the men around them are fighting to give them a helping hand. This lent me more depth when I read books by Amy Chua the Tiger MILF and Laura Huang. For a counterexample, google the author of an old favourite Thick Face, Black Heart.

I quit What I was doing while you were breeding after 5 chapters. Then I googled Kristin Newman and found out that she's quite good looking for someone one year younger than me.

After reading Radical Uncertainty, I wanted a lighter read so I decided to go to the humour section and found this book on top of the Amazon charts.

I don't know why I did this.

It is the ramblings of a single woman who can't seem to get married and settle down so she compensates with the life of a travelling vagabond, going to different countries and having dalliances with the men found in them. The stories almost always involve alcohol and drugs. Nothing novel if you've spent your years in law school listening to the alcohol-infused drinking tales of your classmates.

Some insights are interesting. Some men who dated Kristin did not level up the relationship because she was too successful and threatening to them.

Another useful insight is to assess a potential female mate by the kind of men they spend their fertile years with. Like many girls I know in Singapore who are now old spinsters, there is always the one that dates losers. These girls spend their time dating guys who are persistently under-employed. Young women readers of my blog do not have to go so far for negative examples, there are plenty of Gen-X women to review.

You know what would make a really good story?

A friend told me that he knew someone who wanted to fuck 100 prostitutes in Geylang in a year. Apparently, it was his life goal after a long-term relationship ended. From a second-hand retelling of his tale, I heard that he made it to about 85 at the year-end and became on the first name basis with all the pimps in Singapore.

I volunteered to ghostwrite for this person immediately, knowing that I will become the next Gerrie Lim who wrote Invisible Trade, but after conveying my requests, the person believes that this is a tale that he can write about on his own.

Anyway, I think I've been writing too much about Python programming and investing on this blog.

Hope that you have a fun weekend reading this !

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