Monday, July 02, 2018

The Art of the Good Life #29 : The Book of Worries

As I will be ending my training contract tomorrow and will have quite a battery of updates this week, I will keep this week's installation short.

We all worry because evolution has kept us anxious about what the future has for us. Needlessly worrying about something reduces the quality of our lives and shortens our lifespan.

This section has three practical solutions to dealing with our worries.

a) Keep a diary to track our biggest worries and concerns. 

I think keeping a blog is not such a bad idea because many readers face the same concerns.

b) Buy insurance.

No, don't buy insurance from a commissioned agent, because then you would have to start worrying about paying premiums every year. Buy insurance for worries that you really care about after giving it some thought. Personally, I think joblessness and retrenchment are bigger concerns than critical illness but this is often uninsurable.

In such a case only investing can resolve your problem.

c) Focused work

This is probably the best way to deal with your worries but based on my experience, the ability to induce flow in the workplace is now limited to just a few high tech and high touch jobs. The rest is bureaucracy and paperwork.

If your work is bullshit, all the more you need to save your hard earned money.

Amazingly, the author does not mention F.U. Money as the most effective antidote to personal worries.


  1. Ntuc income came out with a basic unemployment insurance during Sars period but couldn't make it profitable enough. Probably needs critical mass & sufficient sustained contributions.

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  3. Nigel,

    You may want to engage the BigScribe community instead. A group of financial bloggers collectively incorporated a company so that we can collectively bargain better.


  4. Hi Christopher, I've been following your blog since last year, having stumbled upon it from investment moats.

    Congrats on completing your training contract! Will be happy to meet you over a cup of coffee to discuss your thoughts on FI life and investments.

    From me and the investment enthusiasts in the XFERS team :)

  5. Wow ! I am a XFERS customer !

  6. Samson,

    I'm quite free moving forwards. My personal email is Lemme know when you are free.


  7. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Hey Christopher!

    Thank you for getting back.

    Any idea on what's the best way to engage the BigScribe community? Do you guys have a common email that I could reach out to?

    Cheers! :)

  8. Pop me a private email. I will introduce you to the directors.

  9. Hi Christopher,

    The third point is the most valid point to address the worries. Having the FU money enables one to have the alternative options. If the work environment is too toxic, one can choose to leave at any point of time. Even if one is still in the work environment, the cushion provided by the FU money will make the feeling positive all the time. Of course, this is based on my perspective.

    One will need to keep the expense low and the FU money will be eventually be low with the assumption of 4% rule. As you have mentioned before, a single will have better chance of FI than married personels. I agree that the married personels can also achieve likewise the same results as long as he/she adopts the same approach i.e. keep the expense low and save as much as FU money as possible. This will include eliminating the unneccessary purchases ad adopting a minimalist lifestyle.


  10. I got research that a couple has more room to economise so much so that they can reduce their expenses by 18% by living together and splitting some fixed costs.

    This of course assumes that a guys can find a significant other who is as frugal as he is.

    My wife is more frugal than me actually.