Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Another personal update

Look like there's still room for another personal update from the time I completed my training contract.

a) Investors Conference 2018

I'll be seeing you folks this Saturday on Investors Conference 2018 and once again we've managed to sell out all tickets. My rehearsals for this Saturday's event is more or less done and to reward customers, I will be giving out four books if you can answer my quizzes during my talk, so keep a look-out for my event "F.U. Money" this weekend.

I promise an F'ing great time !

b) No time for leisure !

I've been keeping myself busy since leaving my TC. The bulk of my work is to refine the talk I'll be giving this weekend. The rest of it is aggressively keeping up with the news and my readings. To my personal disappointment (or pride for that matter), I can't even start binge watching TV shows or play any games on my PC. It's just nothing but research, doing up slides and monologues in my room.

Particularly sad is that I have yet to have a single D&D game so far.

And I've yet to even give myself a short a trip to KL just to unwind.

c) Workshop with Dr Wealth

A large centrepiece of my work over the next six months is to scale my talks into a fully blown workshop under Dr Wealth on the topic of financial independence and it's been a really exciting learning curve so far.

Yesterday I came out from a meeting where my draft preview was "torn to shreds" (in a good way) where I am learning from veterans how to craft a compelling product. The trick is to combine my research and voluminous training slides from previous talks to gain ultimate validation from market forces. I'm glad my futures partners are willing to coach me using a "Agile" approach as we work towards a credible MVP.

More details over the next month.

d) Personal Finances 

One of the things I picked up during my TC is discipline. I've tuned out distractions from social media after 4 years of getting quite addicted to my phone. I've started an exercise regime and eating healthier food in spite of being a stone's throw from Maxwell hawker centre.

My HBA1C is now at a low of 7.0. My weight has gone down to 66.7 with my BMI at 22.3, even better than my BMT days ! But it's all thanks to this new drug I'm having called Jardiance. My doctor rewarded me by taking out Janumet and replacing it with Metformin. This is $64 savings per month.

Better health always translates to better wealth. Next is to see how I can decouple myself from cholesterol medication since I eat so little meat these days.

Nevertheless, it would be a struggle to save $4,000 a month because I've lost my TC allowance. Let's gun for $10,000 savings by September instead. I've also started to cook at least one meal a day to cut down on my expenses further.

e) Financial Markets
Markets are really going crazy. There is so much volatility its probably better to give up trying to project market movements and instead just react to other investors. Rocking markets will occasionally generate bargains so it might be a good time to look for 8% yields in the markets right now.

Also good news for me is that my margin account is fully formed. The next six months will see me try to strengthen my portfolio and reduce the leverage. Thereafter, I will stop paying off my mortgage using my CPF and let it heal.

f) Readings

I was reading Organize your Mind, Organize your Life by Hammerness and Moore because it one of the rare books that can train a person to become more conscientious. I found the material rather disappointing as only the last chapter has practical advice for readers, the rest is too philosophical for me. This reflects the difficulty in getting folks to become more conscientious in life, something that can dramatically increase their chances of success.

Other than that, I'm rapidly mugging up the skills to make myself an expert trainer.

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