Monday, June 11, 2018

The Art of the Good Life #26 : But If Not

This is a really tough chapter for me to grasp, so I will keep it short.

The author believes that everyone should develop a circle of dignity. One component of this circle of dignity is to have a set of principles that you absolutely commit to,  so much so that even rational argument would not be able to displace it.

I struggle with this principle largely because I do not have a religion, so beyond my immediate family, I don't have many principles which are not subject to negotiation or rationalisation. I also believe that a large number of the world's problems comes from this form of inflexibility. Sooner or later, you will meet someone whose principles are diametrically opposite to yours.

For example, while I have steadfastly refused to spend my capital, this is not a principle I would stick to if my kids need to get an education.

Perhaps the reader can share with me some of the principles you hold so dear that even a logical argument will not cause you to violate this principal.

This is truly out of my depth !


  1. If you have a son & his wellbeing is non-negotiable, why would you expose him to potential dangers in NS just becoz powers that be say it's the law or it's for the greater good of the country?

  2. LOL ! My son is still doing NS...

  3. Actually on the topic of NS, I have the feeling, most fathers think NS is tough on their son but not necessarily "dangerous", its just "aiya, heartache sia, my son need go thru this kind of hardship, anyway, aiya, everyone need to pay their due la, u just remember u are ur father son and take care can liao."

    If not u are going to see much more cases of Pes C and E and much much more Specialist latter thrown around during FFI at CMPB.