Monday, April 17, 2017

Personal update - Done with my JD programme ( Hopefully ! )

And just like that, I completed my final exam in SMU and I guess I would have met all the requirements to graduate with a Juris Doctor qualification.

While I would have preferred to end my SMU stint in a high, my last paper was brutal and I found myself lacking the time to craft a coherent response to the exam questions. Nevertheless I should be able to move onto the next stage where I start tackling the bar exams.

Perhaps in another post I would talk about my overall experience with SMU but right now, I have several priorities :

a) Internship 

I will go back to becoming an intern again on 2nd May, this time I hope to be able to attract a training contract with a law firm. This process is already fairly hard for a LLB with average grades, it is much harder for a person going through a mid-career switch. I will be following the latest developments on government grants and will be trying to leverage on this support so that I can at least qualify to the bar sometime next year. After all, I have been unemployed for the past 3 years and the government might have some goodies for any law firm that is willing to throw me a bone.

b) Giving one more talk in mid-May

The next talk conducted by financial bloggers will be about stress-free investing and I have once again been given a slot to speak on this event. Slide preparation will begin as early as tomorrow as I need to give an indication to the other speakers as to what areas I would cover.

I try to make all my talks unique and would independently research new material for paying customers. You should expect content which is different from  any other product offering in Singapore as I blend computer science, social science research and finance to talk about the relationship between stress and personal finance for the local retail investor.

c) Rest and relax from surviving one of the most challenging academic pursuits in my life

My immediate priority right now is to simply enjoy myself.

This Wednesday, I celebrate my daughter's 6th birthday after which I will be off to visit what is possibly the largest tabletop gaming hobby shop in South-East Asia this weekend.

I will also not be reading any non-fiction for the next two weeks, being focused on Liu Cixin's Death's End and the latest Star Wars canonical piece on Thrawn by Timothy Zahn.

Computer game-wise, I will be downloading and installing the enhanced edition of an old cult favourite Torment.

Anyway, I am still zoned out from one of the hardest exam papers I ever attempted.

More updates before the middle of this week.

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