Saturday, April 29, 2017

Next Talk : Investing with Less Stress. ( 18th May 2017 )

Ok, it's time to start promoting our next talk again and this time round, we're happy to say that we're back to talking about investing in the stock markets. You can get more information on how to book your seat by following this link here. This time, you should act quickly because we've consistently sold out for all our talks but we've actually got a smaller venue.

The topic of our next seminar is "Investing with Less Stress".

The slides are still a work in progress so my outline is still a little messy but I will be talking about the following things :

  • What are key sources of stress in our lives.
  • Computer Science's case against overthinking.
  • How risk management as a professional discipline can be applied to your daily lives.
  • Insurance as a form of risk transfer - You can't really talk about stress and risk without talking about insurance. Also, I can't talk about insurance without being candid and disagreeable. ( So this should be entertaining if you are sick and tired of commissioned salespeople from the insurance industry. )
  • How investing can fit into your risk management framework and complement a minimalist insurance lifestyle.
  • Dividends investing as a means to eliminating stress. I will walk you through the steps on how to obtain information to build up a dividends portfolio so that you can attain a stress-free life of financial independence. This is a simple approach designed for novices without a Bloomberg terminal.
  • How is investing in dividends backed by academic research.  
  • Currently, I'm still working on psychological effects of financial independence so, once again, you may expect new and interesting stuff which I hope would even entertain my fellow speakers. 
This is probably one of the most valuable talks that we'll be giving so far with all three speakers presenting extensively on investing with the stock-market. 

In spite of this, we're still trying to lower the price of our talks.

Let's hope that we can sell out after this notice.

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