Thursday, April 21, 2016

Introducing BigScribe and the Crowdfunding e-book.

As a single personal finance author and blogger, my capabilities are limited.

However, as a coalition of financial bloggers in Singapore, our potential is limitless.

A few of us financial bloggers have pooled our expertise, effort, and a small amount of capital together to form BigScribe Pte Ltd. The aim is to create products of higher quality for the Singapore investing public and find modest means of revenue through advertising.

Our next product is on crowdfunding which has taken the financial world by storm. Through crowdfunding platforms, regular investors can invest small amounts of money money to SMEs which can have very attractive returns of up to 30%p.a.

But there is no free lunch in Singapore.

Local banks may avoid providing loans to risky small businesses for valid reasons. To ensure that investors do not get burnt too badly from a default event, we've prepared a guide on how to participate in this financial revolution.

This e-book is free, you may download it by clicking the link below :

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