Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Exams are over ! Quick update !

Just a quick update.

a) Exams are over

I am glad that my most intense semester is over. It should be smooth sailing towards my graduation in 2017.

b) Secured 6 weeks worth of internships

I was actually  interviewing with law firms while preparing for the exams, while there still some anxiety as I have yet to obtain a Training Contract, at least I can say that I have met my graduation requirements. I will be spending the next few days hunting for work after graduation.

c) Financial markets recovery is still intact

While I am less optimistic about the Singapore economy, the markets are doing ok. Will have a more detailed update in a few days time.

d) Readings

It might be mind boggling to some but I actually finished reading the Path. This is a page turner and I finished it in two days while preparing for my Equity and Trust exams. This is a fascinating exploration of Chinese philosophy which has become the third most popular course in the Harvard campus.

The authors took a lot of pain to distill Chinese philosophy into its essence and made it relevant for millenials and knowledge workers. Of course, to make it happen, certain aspects of Confucianism and Taoism would be ignored.

I wish I could explain personal finance that well.

e) Recreation

The problem with me is that summer term starts next week and I will be back having nine hour lectures a week. This makes recreation a serious priority until Sunday.

I can't play a very intense game like XCOM 2 until next week and will probably be installing Mortal Kombat X into my PC for some fun. I would also be completing Gundam Iron Blooded orphans over the weekend.

I will be talking about the reforms to Engineering salaries in my next post...

Today is my daughter's birthday and I should focus on celebrations instead.

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