Thursday, January 09, 2014

Settling into a retirement lifestyle...

After spending my first week populating my timetable, I've finally settled down into a slower retirement lifestyle.

My day today began with a brisk jog because I've recently been waking up tired. The jog managed to release some endorphins in my brain and gave me a high before I had my breakfast. After that I settled down in Woodlands library to attack all the quizzes in the "Computing for Data Analysis" course in Coursera.

I think so far, a combination of physical exercise, programming study and reading will allow me to spend my retirement with relatively low personal expenses. Beginning tomorrow, i will be attending a series of Finance/Tech related talks to find out what the rest of the world is thinking about.

Anyway, let's talk about constraints today.

When i retired one of the things I wanted to do is live with some constraints so that whatever I'm planning becomes sustainable :

a) No computer games.

Initially I used to dream of wasting my time playing MMORPGs upon retirement but now I think I'm getting too old for that. By restricting myself from games, I have to force myself to seek alternatives for mental stimulation and flow, which led to MOOCs being the new MMORPGS. Scoring quizzes, getting technical certificates and benchmarking against students internationally, is not too different from killing monsters and taking their treasure.

b) No more taxis, restaurants, weekend movies and other large expenses.

This constraint is something I made up until by first gush of dividend payments this March. I have a reasonable dividend flow of about $24k a quarter, if I spend the first 3 months on austerity, I would have a  cash hoard which I can use to fund my courses and condominium renovations for the rest of 2014. So far, keeping expenses low is really easy if you do not have a day job. Your willpower can be used solely to keep expenses down.

c) No travel... yet

This constraint is practical. My wife is on a new job and has yet to accumulate enough leave, as such I will skip travel for at least 45 days and, even if I travel, it would be to KL for my next book buying spree. There are certainly plenty of opportunities to see the world but I want to get fit so that I can take long walks and endure the "hardship" of living in a cheap hostel.

There are some projects I will be holding in reserve, I would like to setup an online store to sell my books sometime next month, thereafter I think there is room to learn a new language. If I get fitter over the next few weeks, I should be able to enroll in a self-defence class.


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