Sunday, February 12, 2012

Countdown to Valentine's day #3 - Agreeableness, and stop coming up with excuses.

Agreeable is a measure of how pleasant you are in social situations. Internally it also measures the extent that one trusts others. Agreeable people make good spouses because they are more generous, helpful and trusting.

To demonstrate how agreeable I am. I would like to tell many single men this.


Street common sense can go against the grain of research findings.

If agreeable men make such great spouses, why do nice guys remain single and dateless on Valentine's Day ? The answer is possibly that the individual is too introverted and closed to new experiences, this is a deadly cocktail that can make a person un-dateable and remains independent of whether a person is a nice guy or not. Note that just because a guy is undateable does not mean that he'll make a horrible life partner.

Anyway, being Agreeable is also an important filter, somewhat like price to book ratio for stocks, but it is less important than Conscientiousness for men because disagreeable or Machiavellian men tend to go further in the corporate world and accumulate more wealth. My personal view is that women ordinarily do not filter aggressively against disagreeable people ( even Steve Jobs has kids right ? ) even though disagreeable men have a higher divorce rate.

Nevertheless signs of Disagreeableness can look like this :

a) Likes arguing with others. Cannot lose an argument.
b) Does not trust people.
c) Does not donate money to secondary school students in public.
d) Tends to lack ability to empathise.
e) Narcissistic bastard.
f) Prejudiced against stigmatised group. ( gays, fat or people of different colour )

If you are a disagreeable women, give up and stop destroying lives unless you are also really hot. The fact that you may climb higher in the corporate ladder does squat for men.

Being a disagreeable man is not such big a loss but if you do not have your achievements to back it up, you're just a grumpy loser. My advice is to learn to empathise with others or give up and stop ruining other's lives.

Happy Valentine's Day !

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