Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Countdown to Valentine's day #2 - Conscientiousness, give up if you lack this.

If the number of people of the opposite sex you will meet can be seen as a basket of stocks, conscientiousness will be the primary filter that you should employ to ensure that you would not waste any-time for their consideration. For me, using conscientiousness applied to life-partners is as important as filtering out stocks based on dividend yields.

Conscientiousness has a complicated definition when I looked up Wiki. Some people would describe it as self-directedness. Conscientious folks are disciplined, industrious, careful, thorough, organized and have a strong need for achievement. Conscientious people have a plan for the future and have the balls to carry out their plans and track the numbers accordingly.

When you design a filter, there are some signals of someone who lacks conscientiousness :

a) Someone who is chronically late for an appointment.
b) Someone who procrastinates.
c) Someone who lacks impulse control, buys anything that's the hottest shit out there.
d) Someone who discussed sexual matters with a male friend ( Guilthy as charged !)
e) Someone who lounges around the house without clothes on ( Also guilty as charged !)
f) Someone who likes telling dirty jokes ( And the lady went "Mmmmf ! MMMPF ! MMMPF ! ")

If you're a lady and think you lack conscientiousness. Pray that you look hot.

If you're a guy and lack conscientiousness, I advice that you take yourself out of the dating market. Lack of conscientiousness in men is one of the highest predictor of divorce. Conscientious men who are disagreeable ( yes, the lawful Evil Darth Vader types ) tend to have more successful marriages and may even have longer lives.

Of course, being over-conscientious can be destructive to one's life. You can become a perfectionist, develop some obsessive compulsive disorder or can be just plain boring.

So it's not too late to take a good look at your significant other, if he lack conscientiousness. DTMFA ! ( Dump the MFer already ! )

Happy Valentine's Day !

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