Sunday, August 28, 2011

Final Writing Lesson - Quick tour of the Singapore Literary landscape.

Friday was the last writing lesson for me. Most of us in the class felt rather sad. By the time the course ended, class participants have just gotten into the groove of making fiction submissions, it is too bad that this has to stop.

In the last lesson, Felix walked us through the literature landscape with some books to read. I will not spoil the full list here but I did see three familiar titles which I have read.

a) Gone Case - Dave Chua.
b) The proper care of foxes - Wena Poon.
c) If we dream too long - Goh Poh Seng ( By far my favourite )

Of particular is that some upcoming books were passed around the class. I was able to feel the book and assess the quality of the paper and art.

Anyway, I'm posting my final submission here. My classmates commented that the story opened well but I should have expanded on the first half instead of coming up with the morbid second half.


Boris' nipples hurt – a lot. To him, nipples are not quite different from an elected president, both are used for ceremonial purposes.

But he can only blame himself as his freshly installed nipple-ring scraped against his bear outfit. It has swollen to the point of becoming red. Perhaps Boris might end up with an infection on the wrong part his chest. But in a few moments, the pain would have been considered all worthwhile. Boris has been waiting for this event to happen all his life.

It started with an Internet Chat-Room called #bearyland, Boris has been lurking and participating in the chatroom for many years. #bearyland was a a very special chatroom, instead of the normal IT geeks and chicks who frequent the Internet, #bearyland is a chatroom that caters to furries, people who have a kink or personal attraction to other people dressed as furry stuffed animals. While amateurs dismiss furries as just people are into Sesame street or the Muppets, a true furry can spend thousands of dollars on an outfit, complete with flaps placed strategically at different parts of their bodies, to facilitate acts that only a furry would know and understand.

Boris has spent years asking for a meet-up with fellow furries, but most of them were quite shy. A lot of furries are a little ashamed of their own inclinations and having an actual meet-up would be the last thing on their minds.

But not today. The folks who frequent #bearyland now have a way to meet without making the public feel at ease. Today is the cosplay convention at Singapore Expo and this is Boris' chance to meet his other friends who has his own interests.

Boris likes the colour pink. He gets turned on by other furries who dress in that colour. You might say that Boris wants something feminine but Boris would argue that it does'nt matter who is behind the outfit, the outfit is the real deal. The outfit allows the furry to express himself as how he genuinely saw himself. Besides, sexual orientation and gender are concepts that are so 20th Century.

Boris walks into the crowds of cosplayers who are reveling in all that attention from an eager group of photographers. Some girls walked by were wearing Sailor Moon outfits ( Tramps ! ). Seconds later, a section of Stormtroopers marched by (Fascists !). Boris ignores them all and begins to look for other furries just like himself.

He is soon in luck. Pink paw gestures to Boris from the corner of his eye.The paw belongs to a creature that looks like a cat in all it's pink glory. The cat has a sweet smile and adorable disposition.

As Boris got nearer, the enigmatic Pink Cat placed a tiny card on his brown furry paws and then waved goodbye to him and danced away.

The condominium is located on the East Coast. Boris could change into his outfit at the fitting room on the ground floor before taking the lift to the unit where the party takes place.

The condominium unit that Boris walks into is not something that he has expected. The rooms looks dilapidated and gives an eerie feeling to Boris that he cannot explain. The television is on, playing some creepy horror movie that involves zombies.

As Boris trundles into the center of the living room, the door slams shut and Boris can hear a click as the locks become. activated.

Emerging from the shadows is the Cat in Pink, the expression on the costume looked somewhat different from the cheerful expression what greeted Boris in the Expo. The Pink Cat looked a lot more feral and what used to be a smile now looked like a scowl. Boris swears that the Pink Cat's eyes are glowing red.

The flaps on the Pink Cat costume opened. To Boris' horror, a stream of what could be thousands of tiny rodents with glowing red eyes began to scurry down from the Pink Cat's opened flap at its groin region, they raced towards Boris who is too stunned to react.

Boris began to scream and stomp as the gerbils started to surround him, driven insane by the cacophony of chittering noises.

It felt ironic that throughout his entire life, Boris wanted to be surrounded by furries. Now thousands of furries are surrounding him, trying to squirm and wiggle into his costume. Before he blacked out, he could feel something small and furry dive crawl up his rear-end.

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