Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fiction Writing #7 : Opportunities, Scholarships and Competitions.

This update is going to be really short. For folks like me, writing is an attempt to build a third source of passive income. It's slow, has a ridiculous low ROI, but writing creates cash flows that do not vary with the prevailing economic situation.

With books at $0.99 in Kindle, you'll likely make the same amount of money during a downturn. If your book actually describes what to do in a downturn, then it'll probably peak during times of economic distress.

It may take someone like me 10 years to pay off my electrical bills with my book royalties, but hey, you'll never know if you'll luck out and have a bestseller in your hands if you just keep on trying.

I won't really go into detail into this lesson because I think interested folks should give Felix Cheong, my instructor, some business. This one lesson itself is worth the price of the entire course fee.

Anyway, today's lesson is the most important one for the product creator:

a) It lists our the key local publishers that a writer can approach to get his book out on the bookshelves.
b) It discusses some sources of funding from the government as well as scholarships.
c) It provides a list of writing competitions to keep the deliberate practice going. ( And thought the Golden was the only thing which I can participate in. )

Anyway, we're almost to the end of the course so the last write-up will be next week.

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