Friday, June 17, 2011

Why shouldn't Singaporean women be materialistic ?

The following article has created a minor storm on my Facebook, I thought I should comment on it.

Singaporean Girls are materialistic

So far, the reactions from a lot of folks were typical. A lot of ladies got upset and said that generalizations like this should not be made. A lot of guys snicker and accuse SMU of stating the obvious.

I'm adding my two-cents worth in this argument.

a) Maybe SMU should publish an article to demonstrate that Singaporean guys go for looks.

I'm with the evolution camp and while evolution makes women go after guys with more economic resources, women are also fairly diverse in what they want. Height, Facial symmetry are also factors in mate selection. They are actually more multi-dimensional than men.

The great thing about being multi-dimensional is that women can be subject to socialization.

b) Singaporean women HAVE to be materialistic.

Now a lot of poetic beta-males fantasize about European or Scandinavian chicks because they seem so liberal and are more willing to settle for love and compatibility. I don't think its the fault for Asian women to actually have standards compared to their European counterparts if you really understand the kind of societies they come from. If you observe these European women carefully, you will find that they come from countries that tax their working citizens to provide child support.

So of course Swedish and French women can accept the guy even if he is "useless piece of shit for a guy who can't get his ass off his bed to go out to work" because the State goes really far to look after the children. The Swedes and the French like to protect their men who can serenade their women and write touching poems.

c) Ergo, you want your daughters to less materialistic, pay more taxes !

In socialist Europe, more taxes will go a long way to help families cope with children. Childcare can be free all the way to university. But I don't think my single friends will want 15% GST and 60% income taxes like those in Europe so that they can find someone to love them unconditionally.

Of course, in such societies, particular breeds of unconscientious and unreliable dudes get to go on to taint the gene pool further. Why ? Because hard-working, conscientious and productive single men are paying to feed all those babies who might from the dudes who drink beer and can't hold a decent job.

Yup. You heard it. Women are not materialistic in high-tax societies. They are free to find some testosterone filled drunkard and have his babies because he may be tall and have better facial symmetry.

You, my hardworking, nerdy and geeky friend will spend your entire life paying 60% taxes and getting cuckolded by these non-materialistic and unconditionally loving women ! They simply develop a different criteria for mate selection. They love being serenaded and want love poems from a testosterone-filled guy with a neanderthal facial features. They don't give a shit about you even if you have money.

d) Therefore I conclude that materialistic Singaporean women are a good thing for us !

If women have are not choosy, men will have no standards, society will stagnate and we will be swallowed up by Malaysia.

Yeah sure, our local Xiao Meimei are a tad more materialistic than their Yankee counterparts, but that's easy for us guys because unlike facial symmetry, height or looking good with long hair on Harley motorcycle, SOCIAL STATUS CAN BE EARNED.

It is earned by careful planning, hard-work, resilience, superior salesmanship and ability to delay gratification. These traits can be developed.

Singaporean women are just telling us boys that if we want their love, we have to fight for it !

They are realistic and cannot be easily swayed by good looks, a leather jacket or a well-played ukulele.

Tell me why is that wrong with that?


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