Tuesday, May 30, 2023

New Preview Launch : All-Weather Portfolio Masterclass

Conventional wisdom probably does not support the idea of launching a new course in such a bleak economic backdrop, but I owe it to myself to grow professionally and all that coding on Python needs to be channelled into something that benefits everyone. 

So tomorrow will be the inaugural preview for my new course entitled All-Weather Portfolio Masterclass.

This is a program where I show students how to run and operate their own robo-advisors and construct well-diversified ETF portfolios that will generally do well in all different market conditions. 

I will be sharing a little bit on :

  • My views on the macroeconomy.
  • How a great investing strategy is like a good marriage and why poor profitable strategies can turn beginners off.
  • A brief summary of four uncorrelated strategies that can be built using computer code and how you can have not just one, but four robo-advisors running on your system with no coding knowledge required.
  • How we intend to teach this program, pricing details and timings.
Like all my previews, this new preview is a free mini-course that will add value to your lives even if you don't sign up with me. We've been quite good at this freemium model for a number of years.

I guess the fun part is that I am still quite raw so my presentation will not be as polished as m ERM product. 

You can sign up by following this link :

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