Saturday, December 10, 2022

Early Retirement Masterclass Community Event for Q4 2022 - 19th December 2022

I've slowly trying to find a balance between my training business and legal work, so I've been multi-tasking for the past week to create the next community event.

In this community event, we will run through the ERM Portfolio PDF and discuss how to interpret the data in the report.

Here's some sample slides :

Yes, I detected a bug in my code and I will try to fix it today. 

·        ERM – Interpreting the ERM Portfolio report – 30 min

o  How do we read the report.

·        ERM/CCI – Recent market developments and analysis – 30 min

o   Updates on the latest moves by the Fed

o   How to position your investment.

·        ERM Portfolio Update - 10 min

 The ERM Community webinar will be held on :

  • 19 December 2022 at 8pm
You can register by following this link :

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