Tuesday, August 23, 2022

FIRE is a good servant but bad master.

I had the good fortune to received a message on Linkedin from Keith Yap. 

He wrote this, and I'm posting it here because somehow he could not comment on my blog :

His comment was very intriguing, I initially thought that there was possibility that he was tasked to write about FIRE from his bosses based on this message, so I offered to defend FIRE publicly against his supervisor which seemed to be someone from Enterprise SG. Many FIRE aspirants are conservative PAP voters and continue to pay taxes post financial independence, so there is no need to fear that FIRE metastasize into some kind of Tang Ping movement.  

Thankfully, after a short exchange, Keith clarified that he wrote the article based on his own personal capacity.

I think his reply was even-handed and fairly neutral so it's safe to be shared on this blog :

I really like the admission that "FIRE is a good servant but a bad master" was cut out during editing. I don't necessarily agree with this, but IMHO,  it would have been a better title for his article. 

Anyway if FIRE does become a bad master, then quit the FIRE movement and do something else with your life. 


  1. Lol the worst thing would be for FIRE to morph back into the boss or organisation that you detested.

    Then you'd have to FIRE from FIRE.

  2. FIRE maybe a nice idea, but living on very little (like 30% of your income) if you are not earning much (like $5000 a month) can be quite painful, why ill treat yourself for a future dream, when the future may not even come? Also, why be so obsessed with early retirement? I found that most people who are on FIRE is because they don't like their job. Then why not do something you like, and start enjoying life from today, don't need to wait for FIRE many years down the road, and while torturing yourself today...