Sunday, June 19, 2022

Which husband would you choose?


The last thread had plenty of great engagement from female readers so I thought I'd do a thought experiment for the ladies today.

Suppose you have to choose between two men:
  • Bert works for his money and earns about $5,000 a month but does not know how to invest. 
  • Ernie gets $5,000 from a trust fund every month but does not work for a living.
Who would you choose and why?

If you apply some logic, Ernie would be a better choice because he can get $5,000 every month without doing anything, so he can theoretically give you financial support and still be helpful around the house. The choice of Ernie may also be supported by economists like Thomas Piketty who posits that over time, the growth in investment returns from capital trumps the return on the value of labor over time.  ( r > g )

In reality however, Ernie is more likely to be discriminated against in modern society, because he's laid back and his personal time has no value to the real world. Bob can be introverted hermit without suffering any consequences, while Bert can be seen as a potential leader in corporate world. 

This thought experiment exposes the differences between rationality and evolution. 

Ernie comes with $5,000 and time that can be deployed around the household, but Bert would still be the pick of a majority of women because he's got potential, leadership qualities so may be considered a better candidate to father more children.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

Lady readers can share whether they prefer Bert or Ernie.

Of course, I think the modern woman would prefer not to make the choice given that they have pretty good careers on their own. If they are PMETs most of them already have built onto themselves an Bert. 

The promise of investing better allows women to have their cake and eat it too. Ideally, they can have both Bert and Ernie while retaining their autonomy as well. 

This makes it really stressful for single men who have to up their game and generate the same kind of income as multiple Bert's and Ernie's. 

The alternative is to lie flat and just give up on starting families. I'm seeing a lot of this too.

I find some new-age Gen Z guys amusing. They dress themselves up to look like a harmless chipmunk even though they are of the age where they can date women, but the only women who might date them are those who are into Spongebob Squarepants.  


  1. Where was the last thread? Link please.

  2. With ongoing structural & secular changes, the world may be becoming one where g >= r.

    Guys who can signal physical & mental resilience with ability to hustle income streams will be more desirable in a world that is becoming more violent, pioneering & emphasis on self-reliance (the wild west or wild frontier analogy).