Friday, April 01, 2022

ERM-CCI Community Event for Q1 2022

Apologies as I've not been updating this blog, there have been quite a few article ideas but they've been translated to content on Dr. Wealth's blog and I've also decided to turn a book review into a full-scale presentation this coming Thursday evening.

On 7th April at 730pm, I will be conducting a short session to discuss some ideas in financial planning and update community members with the latest developments in cryptocurrency. This will be the first community session where I would have completed training my first batch of Cryptocurrency investing students.

I would have wanted to review Die Broke by Stephen Pollan as it was a classic and influenced some of my D&D gaming buddies in the 1990s. Sadly, as I was in my 20s and largely ignored their financial advice. It took me over 20 years to catch up on this important classic and it shows what the markets were like over two decades ago. I think there is value in shedding light on the Die Broke Philosophy and adapting it for use in Singapore, it's a refreshing change from FIRE. 

You can register for the event here :

The content is as follows :

Di  Die Broke – Rebooting an old personal finance classic
o How 1997 was like in personal finance.
o How to adapt old ideas to new markets. 
How to deal with lower yields as protocols begin to reduce them
o Coping with lower yields.
o Opportunities in liquidity mining
ERM Portfolio Update

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