Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Back to the Grind


As I've spent the last weekend busy running my course, I spent the first few days of this week recuperating. I don't know why it's been such a tiring weekend. This week has been spent trying to get as many social engagements I can because I'm still stuck in Singapore running course previews so I can't take a trip to JB. I'm highly likely to go in by bus in May, but I intend to go when few are attempting the trip. 

I'm still dead tired but I started updating my Cryptocurrency notes this morning. I think things have changed so much I am overhauling 20% of my material :

a) Crypto.com now accepts FAST transfers from local banks, rendering my notes on a centralized exchange obsolete. Significant portions of material became optional overnight, but this should make it easier for older investors to get started in crypto. 

b) I'm now more open-minded about liquidity mining and think 1% allocation is ok, so I need to ramp up my notes in this area. Mouth watering yields over 100% is possible but so is losing your pants.

c) I suspect one of my students installed a hacked Terra Station wallet and it siphoned off his funds. The amount is small but I have to incorporate some troubleshooting notes. How do we the software we are installing is the right one? If we cannot answer these questions definitively, investing crypto will continue to be a bad idea. 

I'm slowly beginning to realize that my course material is several magnitudes more dynamic than my notes on traditional dividends investing so creating an online webinar may not be feasible and I need to continue to run my classes live and adjust the fees accordingly. 

As a business, we have go with our gut feel and learn new stuff along the way. I think there is blue ocean for trainers who can combine traditional and crypto investing in a coherent way that respects the fundamentals of finance. 

How to really get there is the problem.


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