Tuesday, February 01, 2022

虎 cares ? I do ! Because Grand Duke of Jupiter !


If I believe the Feng Shui Masters, I'll be experiencing a tough year as those born in the year of the Tiger will come under the influence of the Grand Duke of Jupiter, which is sort of like having a very fierce celestial auditor looking over your shoulder for the entire year. The year is not totally a disaster, and Joey Yap even said that this is not the year to be passive and low key. By taking bold action, the year can pay off for folks like me for years to come. 

It is no accident that things are already shaping up to be rough. As the lockdowns get more sustained, we find that investment training has gone online and it has attracted a lot of newcomers who want to give this career a try which creates a larger supply. This has turned the entire industry into a red ocean with my own revenues dropping over the past two years. 

So this has to be the year things turn around. I will launch an online programme to show conservative investors how to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their existing portfolios. I hope to bring the quantitative framework and candid approach to cryptocurrency investing that will be different from other programs. 

To make this happen, the articles on Dr Wealth will change slightly and will be pivoting to more crypto content and my ERM previews will cease until around March 2022 after I complete designing the new course. 

I suspect I have a different way of creating training material. I start with a skeleton of my slide deck and add material whenever I find something useful in my readings, I have read quite a number of cryptocurrency books already, but naturally, slides need one more level of refinement to capture the current state of the crypto markets. 

Right now the material I will include in the programme is still fluid as I'm still in the business of slide building. I also have no idea how pricing will be done because this is designed to be very much hands-off.

I'm also facing multiple challenges getting this programme out, while there is enough material to get things up and running for an older investor who wants to get into crypto, I think my personal reputation as a trainer will not survive if customers conclude that it's possible to google everything I teach which is why I treat this almost like a final year thesis to write my stuff.  Another question is whether I will hard fork or soft fork my ERM community, which I treat like my closer pals. 

Finally, I won't launch a course without a real portfolio of my own. Right now, I'm still building my own cryptocurrency reserves and a significant amount of dividends will be channelled in that direction based on the materials I build. In this sense I am lucky - the crypto crash opened up the possibility of bargain hunting and I'm definitely not buying at ATH.

Anyway, enjoy the preview of my personal notes, they are not ready to be lecture slides (yet) and you decide for yourself whether the opening GIF made by the trolls of Dr Wealth accurately portray the lives of their trainers. 


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  1. Hi Chris, if i sign up for your program.. will i be able to refresh the next round when your program is revamped ?