Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Early Retirement Masterclass Community Event Q42021 - ERM goes Crypto !

We will be conducting a community event for my Early Retirement Masterclass alumni on 16th December 2021 7.30pm. 

In this event, I will be describing my nascent efforts to invest in cryptocurrency in a manner that is more consistent for ERM alumni. My students have already been invited to send me some questions so the slides will address them over the next few days.

Members of the public are invited to attend this event. At the moment, I'm not positioning myself as an expert, I see myself as more like a fellow explorer so expect the material to be somewhat basic for now.  

The main question I want to answer is the question of :

"Whether Skeptics and Conservative investors have room in their portfolios for cryptocurrencies?".

Items of discussion include :

  • Some cryptocurrency basics.
  • Why conservative investors should take a closer look at stable-coins.
  • How a beginning crypto investor's environment and tools can look like.
  • Two interesting ideas investment ideas for Early Retirement.
  • A quick tour of the Metaverse and what's trending in this space.
In my investigation, I have discovered more questions than easy answers so members of the public will be encouraged to participate in some online surveys, this ensures that everyone will be able to leave with something useful at the end of the session.

I will conduct the usual portfolio updates for the student-built portfolios at the end of the presentation.

Please register by following this link: 


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