Saturday, October 30, 2021

How can guys improve their conversational skills when on dating platforms

Today, there was this CNA commentary that lamented about the quality of conversations by folks on dating apps. You can link up to that article here.

I do not know why, but some blog readers and financial forum folks want me to say something about this even though when I was dating in my early 30s, Tinder did not exist. Nevertheless, we live in a world of dating gurus who don't even have girlfriends and folks who write books on financial management while still being undischarged bankrupt. So I should not feel too bad about writing an article on how guys can become better conversationalists.

So, to assist men in coming up with topics for discussion, I have enhanced the matrix I have built earlier that mapped male incomes to the subjective appearances of ladies. 

Lament no more!

Singles now have a table of suggested discussion topics based on the appearance of their dates. 

There will no longer be any fumbling of topics prior to the date. 

Now any guy can prepare for a date by googling for answers !!

Male readers are encouraged to try out my discussion framework. Female readers are also invited give me feedback on whether my table can be improved in any way.


  1. Hi Chris,

    Deep for thoughts. Worthwhile for in-depth analysis.


    1. WTF I have not published this, you read it and commented oredi !