Thursday, June 03, 2021

I made some videos on the Dr Wealth Youtube Channel


I'm still busy as heck doing previews and prepping for another class next week. 

Last week was a major milestone as Dr Wealth is trying to get more trainers featured on their Youtube Channel. You can subscribe by following this link here.

Here's the first one I've done for them. I've also produced about two more which I hope, will be out very soon. 

There should be some content here for you guys over the weekend. 


  1. You look slimmer & fitter. If that's not a fake tan, then you must be spending time lounging by your condo pool LOL.

    Time to update your Dr Wealth mugshot.

  2. How to take a tan in Singapore ?

    1. Coffee powder or brown shoe polish lol. There are instant tan creams around. I had an ex-colleague who went for UV tanning --- ok, that's only semi-fake.

      Re dividend investing, I kinda agree especially if it's cash account or where the investor depends on the portfolio for income (whether thru dividends or taking capital gains).

      There can be months or years where a certain investment style goes out of favour. Investing in quality growth companies tends to do better in a locked-up scheme like 401Ks & IRAs in the US or SRS and CPFIS here.

      The main issue is psychology & human behaviour --- our DNA has evolved for short term rewards & actions in order to ensure survival. If we don't see rewards or progress in the short term e.g. within 3-12 months, we give up & move on.