Saturday, March 06, 2021

ERM Community Event - 13th March Saturday 2pm

It is time for the quarterly ERM Community event. I conduct a more advanced lecture for students of my program that is open to members of the public. Naturally, alumni can have access to recorded materials and lecture notes. 

In the upcoming session, I will showcase some advanced concepts I am reviewing for introduction into future courses.

The programme on 13th March 2021 will be broken down into the following:

a) ERM Tool

The most recent development is the launch of the course tool to do data entry for the two latest batches. I will be doing a quick demonstration of the tool to let everyone have a glimpse of how students interact with me in the future. We've started with Powerpoint, then we brought Mentimeter to improve classroom interaction, and now I've written a tool for students to data entry after researching on the stocks.

There is only so much that off-the-shelf software can do my program. 

Maybe one day, I'll become the SAP for investment trainers. 

b) ERM Tool advanced metrics

A data-entry tool does not stay dumb for very long. Even students in the latest batch are aware that I have managed to combine all the quantitative finance concepts I picked up from online courses into a dashboard for the stocks they analyse. 

The material is too complex for most investment courses for retail investors as I clearly am more interested in metrics that most stock investment portals do not have. On the webinar, I will be describing some of the statistics. 

c) Marketing Timing for ERM Alumni

The next section is a set of slides on marketing and technical analysis. I'm not a TA specialist, preferring to buy and hold dividend stocks, but my coding skills have evolved to the point that I can interrogate a stock to spill some it's TA secrets perhaps some other experts would be unable to generate. 

Adopting TA to the ERM program will mean showing dividends investors how to use charts to minimise regrets when making a timed entry into stocks. The material includes bespoke charts that will be added to my ERM tool hopefully before Batch 20 comes around.

d) Collaboration with iFast 

Some folks are curious as to how I intend to go ahead with my Introducer role with iFast. I have invited my collaborator Ko Yang Zhi to talk about iFast and will explain in detail how ERM alumni can maintain an ERM-inspired portfolio with minimal fuss and work through an iFast Financial advisor. 

Consistent in all my interactions with my students, I intend to be super candid about commissions and fees.

e) ERM Refresher Programme  

We will be taking orders for Batch 20 for the ERM Alumni who might be interested in seeing just how much the program has evolved from 2018. We've negotiated extremely attractive pricing for students who wish to attend the program again.  

I'll give a hint - There's almost no interest in wanting to earn money from students a second time-round. 

You can register for the ERM community session by following this link

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