Thursday, March 11, 2021

Collaborating and hanging out with Millenials and Gen Z content creators

What do I not wish to become?

I don't want to be another 40-something year old whose musical and pop culture interests were stuck in the regressive 90s. Where Gen X would speak fondly of Sandman graphic novels by Neil Gaiman, music from Depeche Mode, and maybe even cry every night to sleep because the Substation is closing down. Imagine trying to remain relevant by invoking these outdated aspects of cultural capital.  

One of the most important lessons I picked up in Law School is that if you hang around enough with younger folks, you will also feel younger. You'll never catch up with them, of course, but you'll be miles ahead of peers your own age. 

This is why, as far as possible, I find ways to collaborate with younger influencers and content creators and this article shed light on some of the stuff I'm doing with younger folks.

a) Jenson Chen - Superstar of the Central Providend Fund

Jenson approached me because he has a posse of young folks who wish to try out Dungeons and Dragons. As I wanted to influence an educator on the usefulness of this hobby, I was happy to do so. So I ended up conducting a pen and paper D&D game for a team of four players almost half my age. In spite of the group's inexperience with the rules, they seem to be better coordinated than many gaming veterans I played with. 

Here's the picture that was drawn by players to depict the final brawl with a Ghast in Triboar.

In particular, I was entertained by the way they played with the Prestidigitation cantrip and amused by Jenson's obsession with the Command spell. 

Jenson is now a bonafide superstar having ascended to CPF Sainthood. You can access his video on CPF here.

b) MissFITFI - At the cusp of greatness as a financial influencer

My money is on MissFITFI attaining prominence in financial blogging. 

I will not spoil the podcast I made yesterday with MissFITFI. I spent yesterday evening creating an hour of the recording where we discussed whether pay or passion should dominate when choosing a vocation. The material should be useful for listeners and I really hoped to reach out to MissFITFI's younger listeners. 

Like many female finance influencers, MissFITFI has been the target of attacks by toxic masculinity trolls just because she accumulated $100,000 before she was 30. But I think we don't give her enough credit, for her first degree she's formally trained in Finance and worked in M&A. She probably also runs 2.4km in a shorter time than me. 

One of my biggest regrets over this effort was that it was International Women's Day this week and we should be debating on whether women need a separate forum to discuss financial issues. This would have been a lot more controversial. But maybe in a future podcast, we can do this.

The podcast is being edited and likely will be out next week. You can follow this link here.  

c) RealMelTan - Already a Youtube superstar

The most pleasant surprise of the collaboration yesterday was in fact the really patient and unassuming cameraman for the event turned out to have a major Youtube presence and is a Youtube star in his own right. RealMelTan has a Youtube channel (link) that specialises in building gaming rigs. According to him, he has built rigs for commercial purposes that can cost up to $13,000 each.

As fellow gamers, we clicked immediately so right now, I'm brainstorming with RealMelTan on appearing on his Youtube channel and I have no idea where to begin. One possibility is financing gaming hobbies with dividend income. 

Readers thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

In the midst of generating content for everyone, I think the best bits when interacting with young creators is when everyone's guard is down after a hard day generating content. I think if the evening tea conversation was turned into a podcast, I think we can get 2-3x the audience.

Some stuff discussed included wide-ranging topics on Gay Guardsmen, why Mortal Kombat is like Happy Tree Friends, Wife hunting via Language classes, and how to become a subject matter expert in BDSM. 

Unfortunately, I will not further details on these topics on this blog. 

If you want the salacious bits, invite me for a collaboration on your channel. ( But I'm choosy )

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