Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Personal Update - Several projects I am working on

 I did not manage to really enjoy a short one-week break I had last week due to a nasty bout of gout on my right knee. Nevertheless, I was able to advance a few items on my agenda :

a) Talk with Republic Polytechnic

My secondary school talk with Springfield Secondary has been enhanced by about 25% and will be performed with the Republic Polytechnic audience tomorrow. I was told that several lecturers and adult learners will be attending the talk, so I eagerly await the participation from lecturers. For folks who do not want to miss out on the performance, I will be conducting an ERM Community Webinar on 24th November to members of the public. 

More details will arrive on the blog later.

b) Retirement Simulation Tool launched to ERM Alumni

I guess an Early Retirement Masterclass would not be very much if alumni do not have retirement planning tools, so I deployed a tool to simulate and calculate the rates of retirement success if the student can provide information on their retirement portfolios. Use of the tool requires some training as users need to know not just the risk-return characteristics but the program accounts for skew and kurtosis as well. 

The ERM program already employs a significant number of bespoke tools I wrote using Python, Django and Streamlit :
  • Simple Stock Analysis Tool.
  • Retirement Simulator.
  • Qualitative Data Crowdsourcing Tool ( For me to conduct classes )
The problem is that I currently use the free hosting on Heroku so the tool is not even close to final. I intend to migrate to AWS once I get the yummy $5,000 computer credits from Amazon. I suspect many founders would be unable to exploit this perk since larger startups may already be hosted in a different provider. 

c) ERM Preview attendance is off the charts 

The market recovery is not the only thing that's happening. I think investment course previews are having a mini-resurgence on its own. I will be having a preview tonight, so if you are interested just Google "ermintro" and take the first link to come to my talk tonight.

With the US elections over, the bulls are back and I expect students of all my latest to do well especially those with leverage. 

d) My journey with an incubator has begun

Last week I attended my first session with SMU's Incubation unit, I would be getting my meeting with a mentor this week and I will be mostly focused on admin matters like getting my Pte Ltd company set up.  Hopefully, some government funding should not be too far away as I would like to launch more retirement planning tools for my community. 

The aim would is to launch tools to replicate a significant portion of what a professional advisor can do for my community to strengthen DIY investing and retirement planning in Singapore.

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