Thursday, October 08, 2020

Value of Singaporean Males inextricably tied to Personal Success

About two weeks ago, my mum was telling me that according to Chinese language morning papers, 400 Singaporeans committed suicide in August 2020. I did not succeed in verifying this news, because I have few friends who read the chinese newspapers. My mum added a new tidbit, she said that most of the folks who died are actually young adult males. 

I thought Singapore should get around 400 suicides a year, to have it all happen in August was very disturbing so I asked around and a friend commented that he believes the news because the value of males in society is tied to personal success and in a pandemic, it is no surprise that young demoralised males will take their own lives to get out of the Game of Life altogether.

Right now, I am aware that the government is trying to introduce more gender equality into our policies which might be good, but I think the risk is that the plight of males can be conveniently forgotten in light of coming up with new policy measures. 

Here are some of my thoughts on all this :

a) The largest mating retreat will be triggered by males after this pandemic

First, we have the pandemic. Then, we will experience the economic effects like unemployment that is already trending up. Finally, there will be a demographic tsunami. Why should guys continue to participate in society if they can't get jobs or any respect? Even for gamer guys, a single life playing games and watching Netflix can be so much more relaxing than getting married and having kids. 

So I expect a lot of young men to retreat from family life. They can get some action from dating apps, but they will not play a game where there is no job or income security. Effects of the pandemic may leave long emotional scars.

b) If guys won't pick up their share of the house-work, maybe you need to work them harder in the office

I don't understand why feminists are dead set on more paternity leave for men. Odds are we won't use it even if you give it to us.

If a single guy takes on a colleague's work when she goes on maternity leave, it may be better to legislate more pay to compensate for doing the work so he can settle down with more money in the future, the money will still go to his wife and kids.

Another alternative is to mandate overtime pay for all professions but allows men to hold 1.5 jobs with different employers. If there is a steady pool of male labour to take on colleagues that go on maternity leave, this can help women too. 

My idea is to let guys spend leave days to go on reservist to earn double pay during that time. 

c) Society cannot be engineered to make men more nurturing, why the fuck you keep feminising us?

My final point is how is the government going to use social engineering to change the dynamics between genders. The truth is that with better career opportunities, women still conduct a foodie call to find hapless guys to pay for the food she wants to eat. 

Society does not reform from the mandate or the ramblings of some liberal humanities scholar - Even if some Amazon Daughter of a Better Age is willing to date some ITE guy, you expect her dad to give them his blessing meh? Approximately a third of families have wives who earn more than husbands, but please read the data from social scientists - such families experience higher rates of divorce. I've done such a divorce before....

If a rational single guy knows this data, what would he do if he cannot establish a solid career of his own? 

We're not Steve Trevor you know... Even he died in the movie.

So all in all, I hope laws get reformed to punish things like sexual assault or harassment but don't forget that for men to continue to participate in the gene pool, all guys must have a chance to top the hierarchy we always build for ourselves when it comes together :

  • Freedom to hold a steady job at a salary that can support a family. We have to make our uniformed services jobs of last resort for Singaporeans.
  • Freedom to sell our time to multiple employers so that can we can rise in society. Strike down any contract that allows overtime without extra pay. Singaporeans be allowed to work for more than one employer at any time. 
  • Protection of our property rights - we keep what we kill. ( Ok, we're pretty good here. )
  •  Bonus points: A much simpler framework to let men find an overseas spouse and have them settle down without complicated paperwork. Because not all men can top the hierarchy at the same time but Singaporean men can top the hierarchy in a neighbouring country.




  1. The 400 is the statistic for 2019. Of which 71 were in the 20-29 age range. But dunno the gender breakdown.