Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Virality of BBFAs and flawed masculinity


As I am moving into the marketing territory of my personal development, my readings have also shifted. I thought I spend some time understanding memes and digital culture, so I picked up a book on Memes by MIT press.

Social scientists are still trying to understand what makes content memetic and what does not. Having a deep academic understanding of this can be useful in running a business and I am surprised at the amount of vitriol when SPH was hunting for a Meme-In-Chief. Turns out there is a body of academic knowledge on viral or memetic quality. 

One of the things that make content memetic is the material on flawed masculinity. When analyzing the 30 of the most memetic videos, 24 were helmed by men. Most of these feature men who are overweight like "Star Wars Kid" or doing silly things like Leeroy Jenkins. 

I think the most iconic representation of flawed masculinity is Psy's Gangnam style which I suspect still holds the record as a most viral music video of all time. Its primary appeal is that it shows a chubby uncle doing a ridiculous horse dance. 

On EDMW, one of the most endearing concepts which I do channel on this blog is the Bui Bui Forever Alone. The Internet actually has a drawing of the Forever Alone guy and this guy is now quite symbolic.

This is something I think  I can possibly channel in my business. There has always been some demand to produce a "BBFA's Guide to Financial Independence". 

Once I get an intern, I will definitely find a way to create such a product. 

Alternatively, a reader can write to me to offer to help with such a product. I can't really give you profits but I can share the credit with you. I'm studying co-creation in digital marketing right now and extremely open-minded to novel ideas to drive more business sales.  

If I get enough volunteers, I will launch this project prior to incorporation !


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