Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Richest Man in Babylon - An ERM Community Webinar : 24th September 2020 7.30pm

One of my next projects is to give a pro-bono talk to RI students next Tuesday on Financial Independence. The teacher who contacted me wanted me to put in some maths lessons into the program and share a little bit about my life story. The lecture is a summary of The Richest Man in Babylon that was reskinned aggressively for folks who play the League of Legends RPG. 

I know that a project like this would excite some fans and readers, so I will be creating possibly an NSFW version of the talk for the public as my community would be conducting a free webinar next Thursday.  

We also have a guest presenter Ivan Fok who will be doing a demo of his latest tool which is adopted heavily in my ERM program. 

You can sign up on this link: 

As I conduct business, I will be doing a little promotion to my students for a refresher class I intend to hold for them in November. That would be followed by a short pitch for a potential customer to a course preview the following week. We know folks hate sales and promotional materials so we will keep this to a 5-minute minimum. 

My aim is to eventually build this into a full-day program as part of a business I intend to start. If you are an educator and want me to speak to your secondary school students, you can contact me through this blog. 


a) Introduction (Chris Ng) 10min

        a. Back-testing: Why the community needs a tool to do this.

        b. Evolution of back-testing from the past to the present.

b) Demo (Ivan Fok) 15min

        a. Introduction to key features of the tool.

c) Refresher Course information for ERM Alumni (Chris Ng) 10min

        a. Short discussion on refresher programs for Alumni who want the latest ERM syllabus

        b. Details on full-day ERM refresher course on 21 Nov 2020

d) Main Event: The Richest Man in Babylon (Chris Ng) 60min

        a. This one-hour talk will be an enhanced speech made to RI students on 22nd September 2020. 

        b. Covers the main points in the Richest Man in Babylon localised to Singapore markets.

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