Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Thoughts on my 45th Birthday.

I arrived at age 45 a little sad as it is my first birthday without my dad being around.

It feels a little strange to think that I managed to reach the mid-point of my 40s. That means that my first CPF payout is expected within 10 years. This also means that a voluntary contribution to CPF would make a whole lot more sense than buying a 10 year bond as 2.5% is nothing to laugh at.

Instead of making resolutions, 2020 should be about creating new systems :

a) Some personal hobbies can make a come-back in 2020

There is just too many leisurely things to do these days. This holiday season alone, there is the Witcher and Mandalorian to watch. Rick and Morty also makes a comeback. There are too many shows trying to compete for you attention.

The best I can hope for is some form of RPG gaming in 2020 that is sustainable.

This is possibly the hardest system to keep up because it is so inconsequential but a person needs hobbies to sustain himself.

b) Need to beef up my physical fitness.

I am very worried that I am losing muscle due to a new class of drugs I am taking last year. I have already lost the ability to sit lotus position or even cross my legs when sitting down.

To deal with this issue I have to admit that DIYing my physical fitness does not work and my fiscal discipline doe not translate easily to my physical discipline. A new system needs to be created where I get some outside help to teach me how to use my condominium gym to build up my muscle. I probably will seek to have gym sessions for at least 12 weeks so that I turn it into a sustainable regime.

c) PhD feasibility continues

Truth is that I don't need a Phd.

I need cheap access to a Bloomberg terminal and a structured way to improve my own investment skills so the university environment and a gruelling thesis defence is the best way I can up my game as an investment trainer.

This is going to be a long road where I get back to the basics and pick up some really solid memory and speed reading skills. Then I will have to give myself a major math revision. To make this self-learning journey work, I will end my Economist subscription early 2020 so that I increase the books I read. I have a 50-60 book KIV list that I hope to clear.

There is a good chance that I may select an easier target like a research masters instead at the end of 2020.

Or I might even get distracted by something else.

d) Yes, there are still some goals in 2020.

My success moving forward will be based on systems I create but I still have goals to meet. Income-wise I am seeing if 2020 can top 2019 for me. From a total income perspective I want to see if I can top a junior non-equity partner of a law firm.

Investment-wise, I am not expecting my low beta high yield portfolio to repeat it's 2019 performance. I would be happy if I do not lose money in 2020. 

There is also a decent chance I can be mortgage free after mid-year, this is something I have been working on for many years and freeing up my first mortgage can hopefully lead to another property before the year is over.


  1. Hi Chris
    May I enquire as to why a financial blogger with primary interest in income producing stock would be interested in purchasing a second property, given the lower rental yield from property compared to REITS?

  2. Individual property provides better capital gains thanks to x5 leverage. They are also better instruments to pass on to future generations as they can be seen and felt so won't be sold too easily.

  3. Is it still possible to 5X lever with the curbs and at 45yo and second property?
    Thought the older one gets the number of years or loan quantum is lower.

  4. Once Christopher clears his first mortgage loan, he is "mortgage-free" and can then take the full loan quantum of 80% for his second property. However, he still has to grapple with the Additional Buyer Stamp Duty. Singaporeans love our properties. In terms of capital growth and asset protection, it is still one of the best class of investment. Singapore's property prices are relatively low compared with other developed cities.

  5. From a long-term horizon perspective ABSD is not so much of an issue to me actually.