Thursday, December 12, 2019

Failed resolutions and predictions of 2019.

Perhaps today should be the day I reviewed the failed resolutions of 2019. Coming up with new resolutions for the year is fine and good, but reviewing failed resolutions is even better and, as it turned out, I did not meet almost all my resolutions I set in 2019.

a) I did not managed to find a law firm to hang my coat on

Critics who say that my studying of my JD was a waste of time still remain vindicated as we speak.

I was so busy building my ERM training course that I neglected to look for a law firm to hang my coat with. As of now, my ERM is still not large enough for me to become an effective rain-maker for a law firm yet and I am referring smaller bits of business in drips and drabs to my rookie lawyer pals who are growing into very competent legal professionals.

b) I did not manage to create a finance course for Millenials

This is harder than I thought because Millenials who show up for my ERM do fairly well and I have results to show in my previews. One example was lucky enough to get her first dividend payout 16 days after a course and an old alumni of Batch 1, also a Millenial, now regularly gets an average of $500 per month.

So my current program works devastating well for Millenials. The only problem is that optically, trainers tend to attract their own age category but I think my skill as a presenter has improved and I'm connecting with more audiences this time.

For Millenials who want something, I should be scheduled for a Seedly talk in March 2020.

c) I did not even attend Voice training classes  

I totally missed out on my own learning goals but I managed to attend a Quantitative Investing Course also conducted under Dr Wealth as a paying customer. As I keep investing into my student's portfolio, I did not have enough capital to take advantage of this training because I have to devote a significant amount of my earnings into tax deductible instruments. ( Wife's CPF and my SRS )

My voice issues were solved with Pipagao and Sambucol lozenges. My courses are very draining on the throat as I go rapid speed from 9am to 5pm.

d) My financial predictions turned out ok

My market projections turned out slightly better than my resolutions. I said STI may move horizontally between 3100 and 3200. I was largely right but it moved out of bounds above 3200 just today. Emerging markets had a solid 2019 as I have said last year but that's not a genius prediction.

Still, 2019 is, professionally speaking, my best year ever.

While all this sounds like a really bad 2019, professionally it was probably my best year ever.

When students make money, the trainer is successful. Consolidated student-built portfolios are up with XIRR 16.16% unleveraged. You can figure out how I did yourself as I am always leveraged by x2.  Also, earned income wise I am also scoring the highest salary I ever had in my entire professional life, and ERM has dominated my schedule for the entire calendar year.

The past few days was basically dealing with a First World Problem : Finding the cash to pump into my wife' CPF and my SRS account.

I'm happy to say that my household will still end 2019 in a largely lean state with my war-chest almost empty.

This is what would have made my dad proud.

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