Sunday, August 11, 2019

Stocks Cafe : A Nifty Portfolio Management Tool

It's quite hard to find a good collaborator in this field. Fortunately, my working relationship with Evan Koh has taught me all the good traits in a great collaboration partner.

I met Evan via my work with Dr Wealth, at that time I was not a trainer yet but I had noticed that Stocks Cafe is a really powerful tool for retail investors. After launching my program, I realize that there are psychological benefits of seeing dividends be taken into consideration when a stock goes ex-date. Evan is now a good friend, and I make a point to have coffee with him whenever he is back in Singapore. My business partner Alvin Chow describes Evan as a person whose values are firmly grounded in the notion of "adding value" and this shows in the sheer quality of features in his creation as well as his rock bottom price.

Stocks Cafe is one of the best tools to monitor a portfolio because it allows a retail investor to track incoming dividends. Dividends also arrive on Ex-date so that you do not need to endure the psychic pain of watching your portfolio shrink when it was shrinking because it was pushing money into your bank account. It also produces a lot of useful metrics on your portfolio like VAR.

Evan was kind enough to offer his $39 program at a discounted fee to my students (at $35) and offer me a small commission along with it. As a consequence of this collaboration, Stocks Cafe has become a major screening and portfolio management tool for students of my program who can get access to capabilities better than what Yahoo Finance can offer.

This positive synergy has also enabled me to start creating my first introduction to the Stocks Cafe platform which, I think, should benefit all readers of this blog.

Here it is :

If you like what you see here head over to and sign up on this platform !

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