Saturday, February 10, 2018

AAR : Profiting from Macroeconomic Trend Shifts

We held a seminar on Macroeconomic Trend Shifts last Thursday night. I will leave it to the other bloggers Xeo Lye and Elvin Liang to talk about their respective sections. As for me, I will just provide a short review of my segment.

My official role for the day is MC. This is an unpaid role I volunteered for because I felt that I can develop a new kind of competency and contribute to BIGScribe. I also wanted to attend the other talks for free.  Also, the directors have, in the past, commented that I'm a very "Kong Hee" like on stage, so I really want to hone this ability before I have to present a client's case in Court.

Normally an MC would just introduce the other speakers, wish the audience farewell, and consider his job done. I injected a slight twist to my job role.

To introduce Xeo's speech, I first gave an overview on Macro investing and told the audience that it involved different asset classes. Then I focused the audience on the dramatic events of the past week and tried to explain why there was market downturn. This gave the audience something to think about before Xeo Lye's segment.

Because I had access to Elvin's slide, I knew that the audience may be inundated  by  the sheer amount of information on how to interpret various economic events. So I built a "cheat sheet" on the various ETFs on the SGX that investors can buy prior to Elvin's talk.

How I could have done better ?

I think I should have added two slides before the Q&A section and gave just one example on how to invest based on a leading indicator that Elvin mentioned in his talk.

On hindsight, I should spoken about the rise in the PMI and how a portfolio of dividend stocks in manufacturing can be employed to not just produce passive income, but ride on the growth trend at the same time.

Nevertheless, due to the lack of time, I might not have been able to pull that stunt without eating into Q&A further.

Well, I hope to get more MC gigs in the future !

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