Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Personal Update : The Road to Commencement and Part B.

Just another personal update as I have just returned from my short holiday which has been spent mostly queuing for Universal Studio rides. 

The next few weeks is going to be rough :

a) Signing up for a 2-day shorthand course

Fans of my blog know that when it comes to lifelong learning, I tend to go all-out and take a skills mismatch quite personally. One of the problems I faced during my internship is the taking of Court Attendance notes during Pre-Trial Conferences. My fingers were too slow when taking the notes down and the quality of my work was generally quite poor. ( These are verbatim notes, not the summaries which I can comfortably handle in the past. ) 

So yesterday, I shortlisted a shorthand approach called the Pitman approach which is efficient but has a high learning curve and will begin lessons this Friday. I am rushing this through so that I can unleash this new Talent Tree/Feat when I begin my lectures for Part B. 

I will let everyone know whether I can claim my Skillsfuture credit for this class.

b) Cryptocurrency classes on Coursera
Just one day before Commencement, a Coursera class on Blockchains would be opening up next Monday. I am now considering whether I should attend this course. The question is whether I should pay for the course to do the capstone project. 

This is somewhat risky since Part B has a distinction grade and a senior lawyer half-jokingly told me that I should not try to merely try to just pass my bar exams. ( Gimme a break I SMU is brutal enough ! )

If you do wanna sign up for the course and want a study buddy, do let me know. 

c) My next talk  "50 Shades of Dividends Investing"  

This talk is shaping up well and all my content has been incorporated into my slides so I can share my overview here. Generally speaking, expect a highly quantitatively driven talk. I don't make bald assertions without backing it up with a back-test from a Bloomberg terminal. You can sign up for this mega-event here.

Some of my findings should be counter-intuitive and controversial enough even for intermediate investors but there is definitely two useful investment strategies which I will share in my talk.

The Overview look like this :

The Corporate workplace as a Brutal Master
Fifty Shades Darker
Investing your way to freedom
Investing specifics :
The flaws of the STI ETF strategy.
How dividends can assist you.
Importance of REITs in a dividends strategy.
Two cool approaches to dividends investing.
Question of leverage
Fifty Shades Freed
Attaining Financial Independence

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