Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tools for Titans #6 : Matt Mullenweg

Matt Mullenweg is the original lead developer for WordPress and is currently the CEO of Automattic, a company that is worth more than $1b USD.

a) Words that Work

Matt is obsessed with a person's choice of words. Unfortunately the book does not have any examples which illustrate this point about Matt and instead directs the reader to a book called Words that Work by Frank Luntz which I purchased immediately. The books is probably about interpersonal communication and possibly a compulsory read for law students.

b) Productivity tools and hacks. 

The best part of this section are the productivity tools and hacks which is great for any middle aged professional because tools change so quickly, we can't keep track of what the cool kids are doing. I'm only going to list three hacks here, the book has more :

i) Install the Momentum Chrome extension

Someone thought of creating a new front page for Google Chrome which makes the user reflect upon what he will do today and includes a nifty to-do list as well.

ii) Install Telegram as a replacement for Whatsapp

This tool is rapidly achieving mainstream use as a Whatsapp with better encryption and allows use from all devices.

iii) Use a DVORAK keyboard as a replacement for the QWERTY keyboard

I have been meaning to consider switching since the 1990s except that I have never seen a DVORAK keyboard for sale in Sim Lim. Any reader suggestion is welcome. I do have doubts about this suggestion as getting used to DVORAK means bringing your own keyboard to work.

c) 104 McNuggets

There is this strange story about how Matt ate 104 Chicken McNuggets all thanks to McDonalds sweet and sour sauce during the Superbowl. Reading the story several times, I have no idea what is the intention of sharing this anecdote to readers.

I hope readers with a clue would explain this to me.

This is random shit which should have been taken out by the book editors. But by this time, Tim Ferriss would be so famous that no sane editor would risk challenging his writings for fear of losing access to the revenues it would bring.

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