Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Talk by financial bloggers got sold out in less than 24 hours !

As our friendly neighbourhood troll, SMOL has rightfully pointed out, I did not do a really great job promoting my fellow bloggers Kyith and Brian who were giving this talk on 6th October 2016.

I was actually meaning to meet up with them yesterday to have a discussion on the talk and then drum up support for the talk today in a separate article.

How was I to know that we got SOLD OUT IN LESS THAN 24 hours ?

So I have no talk to promote today.

For the folks who were disappointed that they are unable to get tickets, we are definitely planning a similar session soon once we get our numbers and logistical planning right, we are doing this the first time as a team and really want to make this a successful enterprise.

So yesterday Kyith, Brian and myself met up to discuss this upcoming talk. one of our key concerns was to make sure that participants get their value for money. We expect you guys to want this session to be more fruitful than the $19 that you paid for.

As a law student, I have other worries, I was mugging up on the Financial Advisors Act and walked through some legal risks we might be getting ourselves into so its important to maintain that we are not making a recommendation on any financial products. We are just sharing on how we manage our own finances.

More interesting, we were brainstorming tactics on tackling more difficult questions from the crowd.

I thought I'd just share a tough question we came up with which stumped ourselves :

If you have a choice between creating a bond ladder or investing in the Asian Bond ETF, which would you choose and why ?

We did eventually come up with an answer amongst ourselves but I think we should get participants to send questions to us via email.

If you wish to have a question addressed on 6th October, do email me at

Things can a lot easier and objective if I can refer to a Bloomberg terminal before I can provide an answer.

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