Saturday, June 25, 2016

It's all about your kukujiao !

The title of this post is inspired by a recent programme in Channel New Asia, after all if your kukujiao (penis ) is talked about in mainstream media, readers will have no problem accepting this in financial blogs.

The largest thing going on in people's minds is Brexit. What it would mean for financial markets and how you should position your portfolio moving forward ? Unfortunately, even experts are lost as to what to do about this situation. For me, the only clear signal would be to convert some cash into English pounds and try to  spend your Chistmas in London. Alternatively, if you have been hoarding gold all these years, selling some of that to pay for that trip to London might not be a bad idea.

But the most important lesson from Brexit is that everything happening around the world is about your kukujiao.

What has Rody Duterte, the rise of Trump and Brexit have in common ?

In my opinion, the rise of macho right-wing politics around the world is largely a reaction against devaluation of the male gender role that has been happening for the past 20 years. All of these camps channel a certain male machismo and generally very attractive to working class males.

I was having breakfast with my friend who I deemed relatively successful in life because he has a  happy family and is gainfully employed in a steady iron-rice bowl job. Even he laments that one generation ago, the salary of a male Singaporean is enough to sustain one entire family on its own.

These days we have two-income families and in places like the US and the UK, boys are losing out to girls in their universities. Worse, progressive forces continue to downplay the value of men in the mass media and are pushing for alternative models of what a family is like, applying labels like "White Male Privilege" to open up jobs in places like Silicon Valley. If we push this to its logical conclusion, Western countries will have a population of angry males who are unable to catch up socially and economically to women.

Changes in gender roles, family structures and the economy is happening too fast for men. Once men are denied sexual access and a means of economic survival, it is no surprise that they will do anything to disrupt the social order.

Hence Brexit, Duterte, Putin's popularity and very possibly the election of  Trump as US President.

Singapore is in a relatively good spot from the rest of the world.

Singapore still needs men in NS and we do get 10 years of  useful male networking when we go back for reservist training. Singaporean males also receive possibly one of the best education systems in the world so very small gap exists between boys and girls in academic performance. The Singapore government is also slow to adjust the traditional family structure here and only recently started to slowly prod Singaporean men into redefining themselves -  this is something which cannot happen overnight.

In summary, in almost all societies, what is still currently in place is a Patriarchy which is mostly led by a male of a majority ethnic group.  Progressive forces, for reasons of morality and egalitarianism, have tried to topple this power but may have succeeded too quickly when Barack Obama was elected. The result is a backlash where mostly poorly educated males of the majority ethnic group would decide to vote any irrational government to preserve the social structure.

It is all about your kukijiao.

Next time you look for your answers, look between your legs

[ At least for my readership whch is 75% male ]